January 2005

Compute… does… not…… d’oh!

January 25, 2005

Story nicked from the Morgunblaðið website this morning: A young guy went into an electronics store this past weekend and bought a laptop on payments. Having signed the contract he left with the laptop, which he was not intending to write his memoirs on but rather to trade in for a few grams of cocaine. […]

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January 24, 2005

Ah, luxury! The final assignment has been sent off to its owner and now YT has two days to fiddle with the details of her upcoming trip and get herself all psyched. As loyal readers will know, YT received a rather unexpected phone call last October in which a complete stranger offered her an all-expenses […]

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Lost in Translation 2

January 22, 2005

One of those ‘nothing very much happened’ days… slept late, fruit salad for brekky (much whipped cream and semi-sweet chocolate was involved), took AAH to get a pair of jazz dance shoes, then to paint store to choose paint for her room [red! yikes… she’ll see red all the time!] and since there was a […]

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Eat this!

January 21, 2005

Today is Bóndadagur here in Iceland, meaning that if you are female and have a husband or partner (male) you’re supposed to do a whole bunch of nice things for them. It’s the equivalent of Valentine’s day, only those crafty Icelanders have gone one step further and have two such days – one for the […]

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HAPPY season

January 20, 2005

I’ve seen a number of blogs out there lately where people seem deeply immersed in SAD, which is really a drag. Now for all those SAD people, YT has a suggestion: try coming up here to live. For YT at least, SAD season is when one moves into the heart of darkness, while HAPPY season […]

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It’s a genetic thing…

January 19, 2005

APPLAUSE AND THREE CHEERS TO… deCode Genetics and SAA – National Center of Addiction Medicine, who have signed a cooperative agreement to work on isolating the gene that causes alcoholism and other addition. deCode, as some will know, is an Icelandic company founded on the brilliant premise that this is one of the best places […]

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What’s for dinner?

January 18, 2005

ON THE MENU TONIGHT Sushi. Put together by AAH. She’s been assigned cooking duty once a week, in an effort to differentiate her from any happy-go-lucky guest enjoying a stay in a 5-star hotel. Part of the deal is that she gets to pick what’s for dinner, and tonight EPI and I are the happy […]

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Betcha didn’t know that…

January 17, 2005

Icelanders hold the world record in the following: Credit card usage Cocoa Puffs consumption Use of electricity Sponsoring children in Third World countries Internet penetration The number of rules for writing poetry Going to the cinema Subscribing to Walt Disney picture books Sales of the computer game Championship Manager Yes, dear readers, YT is still […]

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Well, I never!

January 16, 2005

Went out this afternoon to meet a friend. We took her dog for a walk down by the sea in Kópavogur but it was blustery and nasty cold with flurries so we hurried back to her place and had coffee and chocolate until she had to leave to go dance Tango with her boyfriend. On […]

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Lost in translation

January 15, 2005

You know what I absolutely love? English-language sign blunders. Here are five of my favourites: At a Japanese hotel: YOU ARE INVITED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CHAMBERMAID At a Swiss eatery: OUR WINES LEAVE YOU NOTHING TO HOPE FOR At an Acapulco hotel: THE MANAGER HAS PERSONALLY PASSED ALL THE WATER SERVED HERE A […]

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