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January 2005


Boy, being back to the mundaneness of daily life sure is a drag. YT rose early (9-ish, in pitch darkness) and had a leisurely brekky complete with newspaper reading. Then sat down at the computer to complete the day’s tasks, which consisted of giving my (real. proper. business.) website a little overhaul. Ah, but the […] Full article

YT: The Interview

Dear readers. Now that this little project has graduated from being read only by a handful of people I know to being read by People All Over, I thought that a few random facts about YT might be in order. So to that end, we now give you an exclusive interview with YT, solely granted […] Full article

Keif’ Moon

Tja. Tracking back some of those message board hits from the Kiefer fan club is quite an entertaining and enlightening experience. Never even knew boards like that existed! F’rinstance, one message refers to “information that appeared in some blog”. [Yo! People! This not ‘some blog’, ‘kay? This The Iceland Weather Report.] Another says something to […] Full article