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February 2005

What’s in a name?

FIRST, THE UP DATEErm, well. Such as it is. [Ahem.] An hour before The Dance was to commence, the girlfriends started arriving chez AAH. Directly to her room, where Serious Undertakings were launched: straightening and blow-drying of hair, application of makeup, borrowing of clothing, preening and examining of self in mirror, and so on and […] Full article

Singing a happy tune

The view from my window at 9 a.m. this morning. Simply complement this picture with some serious gale-force winds and you have an idea of what the weather has been like since last night: It’s been a nasty weather day. Last night, it was reasonably calm and raining one minute, and the next BAM! a […] Full article

Give us Halo!

Note, if you will, that Blogger comments on this site have been replaced by Haloscan. That’s right, for although Blogger are to be commended for their recent attempts at upgrading, they just take TOO DAMN LONG TO LOAD! You can be sure that YT is mighty pleased with her techno-savvy. Not so pleasing, however, is […] Full article


Don’t get me wrong: I have nothing against Valentine’s Day. In fact, in my previous incarnation as a North American Person I used to get quite giddy on this day, hoping that the object of my affections [at any given time] would slip me a valentine or at least one of those little sugary hearts […] Full article

Great Things…

YET MORE FILMSpent yesterday afternoon at the movies. Don’t recall having spent a Saturday that way since AAH was little, so it was a wonderful treat, a great diversion from the usual routine that generally consists of house cleaning and grocery shopping. Not least because the film was incredibly moving. The Sea Inside, Spanish, directed […] Full article


Ten a.m. this morning. The cell phone rings. YT answers. Truly, Yours: Hello?Eskimo Casting Girl: [Smooth caramel voice, feigning sophistication, unable to conceal that she’s just crawled out of her teens] Hello, this is [sowanso] calling from Eskimo Casting? I have an assignment for you if you choose to accept it …TY: Oh?ECG: Yes. Um, […] Full article

Of two birds…

BIRD ONE Remember my Thespian Swan? The one EPI and I found while on a stroll around the golf course back in December? The one Destined for Great Things? Well, it’s making its debut on the boards of the National Theatre this evening. And YT has two tickets waiting at the box office. Although looking […] Full article

Happy Ash Wednesday!

Third day of our Three Fun Days leading up to Lent: Ash Wednesday. Nothing quite so weird as our other two days, that is unless you consider it weird for children to dress up in silly costumes and go door-to-door begging for candy. Which of course cannot be weird since such a large part of […] Full article

Happy eat-’till-you-burst day!

So today we have the second of our three fun days leading up to Lent. It’s called Sprengidagur, which literally means “Exploding day”. On account of the fact that you’re supposed to imbibe salted lamb and yellow split-pea soup until your stomach bursts. It’s pretty bad for you [really salty – think your basic potato […] Full article

Happy Cream Puff Day!

Today is “Cream Puff Day” here in Iceland, which means everyone in the country eats a whole bunch of these. Now, on this day, every [small] kid gets a wand type of thing with a bunch of fluff on the end with which to spank his or her parents. Ideally, the parents should be spanked […] Full article