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March 2005

YT the restaurant critic

And the Lord said: “Let there be ranting about restaurants.” And then He created YT. YOU. HAVE. BEEN. SERVED. Out last night for dinner with some friends. The venue: Enrico’s [on main street Laugavegur]. Relatively upscale. Prices average for upscale Iceland [read: pricey. And incidentally, prices on their website are wrong. They’re actually even pricer […] Read more

YT: The Malfunction

YT is a bushed little beaver this evening after working exceedingly hard today. Finished up two fairly lengthy editing assignments on two separate magazines, which took the whole day and was really intense, then went to a meeting and came home to find that EPI had bought some fabulous food and was about to prepare […] Read more

YT the Defender

I had an interesting email exchange with Cassie over at Too Much Wool the other day, in which she mentioned that she’d been getting lots of “flak” for praising Iceland. Flak? For praising Iceland?? YT was rather astonished at this little bit of information, since as far as she knew Iceland really is pretty insignificant […] Read more


EPI and I went grocery shopping just before closing today in Bónus and the shelves were EMPTY! [Well OK not entirely empty, but close.] We felt we’d been propelled back to the East Bloc circa 1985 and sort of stood in the middle of the store scratching our respective heads and trying to figure out […] Read more


Indispensable wisdom may be gleaned from the door of the YT fridge: … THE WEATHERAhem. Today the weather continued to be sunny and extremely cold. Motorists travelled the bone-dry street on studded tires, tearing up the asphalt and enveloping the city in a cloud of fine dust. This creates deep grooves in the road that […] Read more

An exercise in futility

TAXES I LOVE YOUWent to the tax office today. Boy, I swear they must have sent all their staff on How To Be Nice courses, because they’ve all turned incredibly nice over the last year or so. Whereas before the place used to be Sourpuss City, it’s now actually filled with jovial clerks who are […] Read more

A very long post about a confirmation

One thing I found so wonderful on returning to Iceland after many years as a gypsy was rediscovering a sense of community. I loved – and still love – belonging to a tribe. I loved being part of the ebb and flow of life – being present to share births, deaths, birthdays, Christenings, confirmations, graduations… […] Read more

No mercy. Sort of.

Today YT has shown no mercy and summoned the troops [such as they are, consisting of EPI and AAH] for a serious round of spring cleaning. I’m talking kitchen cupboards, fridge, cleaning out the pantry [which is located off our kitchen and is a general receptacle for all the junk in the house that we […] Read more

The terrible Icelandic man-eating geese

I’m getting slightly concerned. For my own mental health. When I could [I won’t say should because I think that word is the Devil’s tool for making people feel guilty] be posting deep insightful exposes about What it is Like to Live in Iceland I DO NOT do this but instead hold forth about insignificant […] Read more

One for the road…

OK people, this is serious, three posts in one day. D’ya reckon this might have anything to do with my newly-discovered workaholism?? Anyway! I just had to pass on this link , especially to those of you who have seen the Vagina Monologues. Guffaw! [Incidentally, particularly happy to post this since the author of the […] Read more