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April 2005

Mad mad mad mad

It is a bloody freaking miracle that I am still alive after this weekend. On second thought I must qualify that statement with the word ‘just’. It is a bloody freaking miracle I am ‘just’ alive after this weekend. [In fact I’m so wiped out I can’t even type properly so what you see is […] Full article

Today’s mysteries…

Why is it that even when I have a million, zillion things to do I still cannot curb my blogging compulsion? And why is it that even when I am heading for imminent bankruptcy due to AAH’s confirmation I still cannot refrain from purchasing a totally cool pair of shoes? Somebody should do a study. […] Full article

Cod and other wars

The owner of A Flickering Light has every-so gallantly jumped to YT’s defence in the [now all but forgotten] Jack M. vs Iceland saga, and what’s more has crafted a lovely post in the form of an apology to Iceland for writing – at the age of ten – an article denouncing Iceland’s efforts to […] Full article

Early dementia

Heard about a study a couple of weeks ago about the effects of working under pressure for an extended period, particularly while using computers. The study was conducted at a university somewhere in Scandinavia [Denmark?] and one of the main movers and shakers was an Icelander, which is why it got extensive coverage up here. […] Full article

To express or not to express?

AAH was sent home from school yesterday for bad behaviour. Apparently she was sent to the principal’s office, not once but twice. First for talking back to a teacher; then a while later for talking in class. Keeping her mouth shut in class has been an ongoing challenge for AAH [and her group of friends] […] Full article


So anyway, getting back to dreamy Gael García Bernal. He showed up, as promised, at the screening of The Motorcycle Diaries on Saturday night. Before it started some guy got up on stage and said “Welcome” and “after the movie there’s going to be a Q and A session” and “GGB is over there and […] Full article

Sidebar blues, a poem

What-oh-what has happened to my sidebar?!There it is, waaayyy down at the bottom of the page, down farWhat have I done to make it relocate??I have not gone near it all day longNot put up a picture that is way too wideOh sidebar, sidebar, why doest thou act so irrationally??? [Applause] Thank you. Now can […] Full article

A joke

Maggie and John went to bed one night after having a fight. They were so pissed that they weren’t speaking to each other. John had to get up early for an important meeting so he wrote a note that read: Wake me at six o’clock! and taped it to Maggie’s bedside table. When he woke […] Full article

Filmfest ramble

The first International Icelandic Film Festival is upon us and has YT all fired up. I love love love film festivals! The only downside to the next three weeks is how on earth will I see all the movies I want to see? The operating word here is international. We’ve had film fests before, on […] Full article

Dear friends in Blogland…

Could you please help me decide if this man, who of late has been firing odd missives into my comments box, is: a) Wackob) Brilliantc) Hilariousd) Flirting with me. Thank you. AS FOR TODAY’S WEATHERCertainly not as ghastly as yesterday – we had sub-zero temps and gale-force winds all day long – no matter how […] Full article