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May 2005

The Reykjavík Arts Festival kicked off this weekend. This year it focuses on “contemporary art”. EPI and YT checked out some of it. First stop, the Dieter Roth exhibition at the Reykjavík Art Museum, where the late Mr Roth’s floorboards are hung on the walls, along with a bunch of his doodle papers and such. […] Full article

A series of remarkable events

TODAY1. EPI scaled Mt. Esja and called YT from the summit, first time this season. 2. YT lounged in the sun for three hours at the Laugardalslaug pool, first time this season. 3. Polly the cockatiel flew out into the Great Outdoors, first time ever.* WEATHERFantastico. Brilliant sunshine, hardly any wind. At the swimming pool […] Full article

This post is not about Sellafield

RIGHT, WHO TOOK MY SIDEBAR?!My sidebar’s gone AWOL. It’s not even dropped to the bottom of the page, as it’s been known to do on previous occasions. It’s just totally vanished. Also, the post at the bottom of the page has been chopped in half. Do we have the Wrath of the Sellafieldinians? Is that […] Full article

The Big Pond

Having toured the Sellafield Graveyard of Radioactive Waste, it was time to return to the Modern Age. After swinging our legs back over the knee-high box and allowing a space-age type gadget to test us for contamination, we left the dreary old building behind and returned to the bus, which drove through scary industrial streets […] Full article


There are two types of tours of the Sellafield plant – a benign happy-go-lucky sightseeing tour [for I-don’t-know-who], and another for journalists, press officers, visiting government ministers, and other dignitaries. YT [obviously] belonged to the latter category. We met at the Sellafield hotel around 9 am, where we were treated to a pre-tour lecture. Unfortunately […] Full article

Sellafield scare

Spooky news out of England: the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant has sprung a leak. And that leak must be pretty substantial, seeing as how they’ve closed the whole plant down – and we’re not talking a mere building or two, but an area the size of a small town, with 10,000 employees. You can believe […] Full article

Look here!

I took this photo three nights ago, down by the seashore a block away from my place, at 10 pm. [Click on it for an enlarged view.] What you see in the distance is the Snæfellsnes glacier, which supposedly is one of the seven Chakras of the world. People claim it has mystical powers, and […] Full article

Weekend bliss

What an eminently civilized Saturday! We slept late, lazed around in bed until 11.15, then got up and prepared some French toast and coffee for breakfast. At which time EPI got it into his head [after looking at the invitation card he’d received, that is] that there were going to be art exhibition openings all […] Full article

A long post about Oprah and sex

WARNING: MAY OFFEND OPRAH WORSHIPPERS Several months ago it was announced that the Queen of American Television, the mighty Oprah Winfrey, had cast her benevolent eye upon the Icelandic female population and wished to feature it on her program, as part of something called ‘Oprah takes you around the world’. After considerable speculation, unconfirmed reports […] Full article

Cripes! I have so much time on my hands that I don’t know what to do with myself. After having been snowed under with assignments for the last few weeks, everything has sort of slowed to a trickle and for the last couple of days there’s been nothing. Which is excellent, because I’ve managed to […] Full article