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June 2005


Being in a somewhat bloglazy mood this evening, I thought I would introduce you to a certain Mr Outlander, whose acquaintance I have recently made. Now this guy has a pretty groovy gig going, namely: touring around Iceland in a beat up old jeep and writing a book about it. Oh, and of course blogging […] Full article


On days like this, you will often find the above on the doors of shops or businesses in the Reykjavík area. [Except they will be in Icelandic.] That’s right: in Iceland we close due to weather when the sun is shining and the temps are high and everybody peels off their [outer] clothing and heads […] Full article

Bad hair day

Question: Is there anything more supremely annoying than the sound of a cartoon you’re not watching, blaring out of the TV in a language you do not understand? Like, say, The Powerpuff Girls in Swedish?? I think not. IN RELATED NEWS…Last week on holiday I got a sunburn on the top of my head, where […] Full article

Portugal PhotoBlogPost

So anyway. We went to Portugal. And I know some of you were asking for stories and whatnot and the sad truth is that nothing all that exciting really happened. Well, except for the night we were stuck out in the middle-of-nowhere Algarve shopping mall at midnight and couldn’t get a cab. That was kinda […] Full article

More name dropping ahead

As previously documented, the Rich and Famous have begun descending on our shores with all their little quirks and eccentricities. Take f’rinstance Iron Maiden, who played a concert here two evenings ago. I love the fact that their lead singer is a professional pilot and used to fly for Iceland Express. So it would follow […] Full article

Piri piri delight

There is a certain restaurant in Albufeira that over the past three years has become My Favourite Restaurant in the Whole Wide World. It’s called O Manel dos Frangos – which translates as ‘Manel and his Chickens’ – and it only has two dishes on the menu: piri piri chicken [try saying that out loud, […] Full article

Me. Lucky.

Yesterday morning in Portugal we were lying by the pool in immaculate 30°C weather. Later that day we arrived in Iceland to blustery rain and temps of 8°C. Somehow the bare feet and sandals worn on the trip seemed rather misplaced! EPI came and picked us up at the airport. Incidentally, have I ever told […] Full article

How long…

… Can you lie flat in the sun like a pankake before you are fully cooked? … Can you stay in a hotel room before you see a nasty bug? … Can you make a beeline for a shoe shop window before you realize that the Portuguese DO NOT MAKE COOL SHOES? … Can you […] Full article

So far. So good.

Weather: Sun. Sun. Sun. Small cloud. Sun. Temps around 30 degrees Celsius. Light refreshing breeze coming off the Atlantic. In short: PERFECT! Status of tan: cafe latte with sprinkle of freckles. Status of AAH tan: chocolate brown. Number of hours spent next to hotel pool: 10. Number of hours spent at beach: 2 (too few!) […] Full article