August 2005

Flags of our Extras

August 31, 2005

According to today’s Fréttablaðið, old Clint Eastwood and co. have been having a spot of trouble with the 400-or-so extras on the Flags of Our Fathers set. Seems they’re becoming increasingly disinclined to show up for work. A couple of factors are cited for the rather bleh! attendance – first, the novelty appears to have […]

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Joe Cockoverload

August 29, 2005

Joe Cocker is in Iceland to give a concert later in the week. Consequently we the poor innocent radio-listening public are being constantly subjected to Joe’s slaughtering of various well-known tunes in his trademark growl-slash-constipated vocals. EPI and YT have had just about enough because, not that we have anything against old JC, but he […]

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Cottage country in pictures

August 28, 2005

EPI and R battle it out with water pistols by the hot tub. One made sure One took along One’s personal chefs. Water water everywhere…. … everywhere… Ten points if you can guess what this is. Is there any greater work of art than that created by nature?I ask you! … Did I already say […]

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August 27, 2005

Going here. Going to do this. The weather is gorgeous – sunny and bright, with just a hint of wind. Temperatures are 10°C at the moment, daybreak was at 04.59 and nightfall set for 21.56. Back tomorrow!

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Funeral for a friend

August 26, 2005

Have just returned home from the funeral of a relative. In Icelandic we say ‘frændi’ – being a term that covers all male relatives. Similarly, ‘frænka’ covers all female relatives. He wasn’t a very close relative – he and my father were cousins – but one dear to me nonetheless. When I was small, he […]

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The Plumber Speaks and Speaks…

August 23, 2005

Back by popular demand, we give you more immortal words from The Plumber: ON SHORT TENDONS ‘I was thinking that your problem might be a leak behind the bathtub. I started thinking about that while I was soaking in the bath this morning. I have short tendons. When I was a kid I used to […]

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Cultural intoxication

August 21, 2005

One of the very best things the current municipal government has done is to launch the annual event known as ‘Reykjavík Culture Night’. It started off ten years ago as a moderately-sized end-of-summer diversion, but has morphed into the biggest bash of the year, outshining even the 17 July Independence Day celebrations and the 23 […]

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Big Bash Night!

August 20, 2005

It’s Reykjavík Culture Night and the weather is fine, lalala….

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The Plumber Speaks

August 19, 2005

Yesterday I had the great fortune of having a plumber here for the better part of the day, who knew absolutely everything there was to know about everything. And was passionate about sharing that knowledge with YT. To the point where it was difficult to ascertain if the plumber had actually come to repair a […]

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Leaky pipe

August 17, 2005

Last night, after a lurrvely dinner at home with some great company, YT retired at 12.50am. Precisely one hour later, at 1.50am, she was shaken out of her slumber by a highly agitated EPI standing over her and declaring, “We’ve got serious trouble!” EPI went on to mutter something incoherent about a puddle, trickling water […]

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