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September 2005

Useless Icelandic trivia

Today I caught on to the real meaning of the Icelandic word for ‘midwife’ – which is ‘ljósmóðir’. ‘Ljós’ means ‘light’ and ‘móðir’ means ‘mother’ – so a midwife is a ‘mother’ who helps the child into the light. Just figured I’d share that little epiphany. AND WHILE I’M HEREHow many of you out there […] Full article

Flat buttocks and a toy

Went to Penis Mall today, specifically to go to Zara. It’s my store of choice when I want to pick up something new to wear, because their clothes are stylish and smart and don’t cost a bloody fortune. [So what if you have to throw them out after a few months because they’re faded and […] Full article

Fisherman’s plug!

Have I mentioned how much I love Emiliana Torrini’s latest CD, Fisherman’s Woman? It’s so gorgeous. The melodies are delicate and simple – they manage to get under your skin so that suddenly without realizing it you’re hearing them in your head wherever you go. But the loveliest thing about them is their gentleness and […] Full article

More immortal plumber wisdom.

[NB: if you’re reading this category in full you might want to start at the bottom.] So – our man showed up at 9am, as promised. [I’ve never met a more punctual plumber – it ain’t normal.] Having taken his shoes off outside the door [this is new] he marched directly to the bathroom and […] Full article

Return of the plumber

Today I had occasion to call up the immortal plumber. Contrary to what regular readers may believe, the reason is not that I am wasting away from want of his enchanting company. The thing is that when he sledgehammered his way through the bathroom wall and removed the bathtub faucet, he also removed the little […] Full article

Weekend escapades

ON SATURDAYI took my visiting sister to the cemetery, as you do. Note bene, it is a nice cemetery, the nicest in Reykjavík, in terms of character at least. It’s the oldest, and it’s where all the Important People are buried [the People that used to be Important, that is – they’re all dead now] […] Full article

Famous authors alert!

Hot on the heels of YT’s declaration that ‘nothing ever happens in Iceland in September’ comes the Reykjavík Literary Festival with its line-up of luminaries. This year’s festival – which started yesterday – is packed with a Whole Bunch of Famous Authors: Margaret Atwood, Graeme Gibson, Paul Auster, Siri Hustvedt, Nick Hornby, Annie Proulx, DBC […] Full article

Pieces and bits

A lot of fun points came up in the last comment thread; however, before I address those let me assure Cat that AAH had a great day at work on Saturday [despite the text message that came mid-afternoon declaring that she was dead on her feet and had better get paid real good for this] […] Full article

Waterhot deposited a comment here yesterday asking if the end of September is a good time to visit Iceland. And while I’d love to respond with a blithe ‘Oh, any time is a good time to visit Iceland!’ I thought I’d give a bit more thought to both the question and the answer. And post […] Full article

meme dilemme

A few days ago, Nancy tagged me with a meme. And threw me for a loop because I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to memes [as regular readers may recall]. Of course I couldn’t pretend not to have seen it because that would just be stupid. And having acknowledged to Nancy that […] Full article