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October 2005

The Right Honorable YT

Remember my three Sellafield posts? Well, sometime back in the spring or early summer I copied them into a single file, gave them a quick revision, and then sent them off to the Writers Digest 74th Annual Writing Competition, which I received notice of through an e-zine I subscribe to. After which I promptly forgot […] Read more

Squeaky cleanland

Breaking news: Iceland tops the list of countries with the least corruption within the public sector, according to an organization called Transparency International. For a long while it has beenno. 2, right behind Finland, and last year it shared 3-4 place with Denmark. This year – top marks. I noticed the BBC wasted no time […] Read more

My life has a soundtrack!

Up until now, I have been happily exempt from the iPod craze. I mean, I’ve thought they were pretty cool and everything, but have remained completely laissez-faire about owning one. Sure, if someone had given me one for my birthday I wouldn’t have thrown it back in their face or anything, but aside from that […] Read more

A tale of two houses

EYE CANDY This is a typical example of an Icelandic house from the early part of the last century. These were made of wood and covered with corrugated iron siding – something that is still very common here, particularly if the houses are made of timber. This type of siding has a lot of advantages, […] Read more

An ugly picture

I think it’s fair to say that the Icelandic nation is profoundly shaken as a result of a book that came out a few days ago. It’s called Myndin af pabba [The Picture of my Father] and tells the true story of five sisters who as children were systematically molested by their father, and sold […] Read more


Iceland has two* main television stations: The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service [RÚV to us locals] and Channel 2. Both of those have newsrooms, and both have a sort of current affairs programme immediately after the news. Very recently, one of the main news anchors from Channel 2 was appointed Director of RÚV [a highly coveted […] Read more

More thrilling Baugur action

So, yesterday the Supreme Court threw out 80% of the charges in the Baugur case. Missed the prequel? Here’s a [very] brief summary: This past summer, the founders and key executives of Baugur Group, which owns half of Iceland and is working on the UK, were indicted on 40 separate criminal charges, mostly involving embezzlement […] Read more

Virtual tour of Þingvellir

It was absolutely beautiful yesterday so EPI and I decided to go to Þingvellir. [That’s pronounced ‘Thingvellir’. Not ‘Pingvellir’. Unless you want every Icelander you meet to laugh themselves silly at you.] Þingvellir is the sort of place you reserve for absolutely beautiful days because it’s special. [Plus it’s really good to go there if […] Read more


The Most Original Blog Post Award goes to Nancy, who entered the names of her ‘favorite bloggers’ into google image search, and posted the results. Check out my picture. If it ain’t the very spitting image – and who knew that YT shared a name with New Zealand’s first international prima donna?! AS FOR THE […] Read more


You know what I absolutely love? I love it when I go out somewhere and someone corrects my English. YT: I think we’ll try some of that lamb sirloin. Pedantic Store Clerk: Some of that sir-lo-een. YT: [to EPI] Don’t you think? Some of that sirloin? PSC: Sir-lo-een.* END ÁR ÆSLANDIK VEÐER IS…**This morning one […] Read more