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November 2005


Is there any feeling scarier than sitting behind the wheel of a car and suddenly feeling you’ve lost control? [OK, I’m sure there are, but that has to be one of the worst]. That’s just what happened this morning when I was driving AAH to work at the bakery [for the very last time WE […] Read more

In which YT rambles

EPI and I are getting all cultural today and heading out to a concert at Hallgrímskirkja church. On the programme, two requiems: Mozart’s and Faurés. I love the former and am not familiar with the latter; however, EPI informs me that it is ‘lighter’ than Mozart’s because Fauré was more resigned to dying than the […] Read more

MTV VMAs dissected

So EPI and I flaked out on the couch last night to watch the MTV European Music Video Awards. Me because I’m a sucker for award shows; EPI because I’d promised him a Good Time. I felt I could safely make that promise because Borat was hosting and if there’s one character that can make […] Read more

SAD and happy

The snooze button is my best friend at this time of year. [Honestly, I don’t know why the inventor of the snooze button hasn’t been canonized.] Let me tell you, it takes superhuman effort to drag my butt out of bed when it’s pitch dark outside. It’s occasions like those that truly make me appreciate […] Read more

I can’t believe I made the whole thing!

… And in other news: MADCRAZYWINDYSNOWYBADASSEDWEATHER… In the north. The day before yesterday around 100 cars were trapped on the ring road in Húnavatnssýsla for hours on end in a raging blizzard. Rescue squads eventually got everyone [around 200 people] to safety but they had to spend the night in a community centre and eat […] Read more