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December 2005

And now for something completely different…

According to a report in yesterday’s Morgunblaðið, Icelandair has repeatedly had to leave bags behind in the US recently because Icelanders shop so much that the planes [… we’re talking 757 jets] are stuffed full.* I think it’s time to add a fourteenth Yule Lad and name him Going-Shopping-in-the-USA-Glutton. For real. AS FOR THE WEATHERWicked […] Read more

Moron Moron #9

The fourth and final time I made a concerted effort to reconcile with Academia I was living in Germany. By that time I’d moved from Canada to the UK and done a certificate in TEFL [Teaching English as a Foreign Language] and had subsequently worked in the UK and Spain before Germany. And I was […] Read more

More on #9

So I’ve been meaning to elaborate on number nine on my ten truths post – the one most people thought was the lie. In fact the truth is that, yes indeed, I dropped out of university four times and no, I did not get my degree. To put it simply, Academia scared the living crap […] Read more

Food. and then some.

One of the unshakable traditions of the advent here is the Christmas buffet. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t partake of at least one such; in fact most companies invite their employees – and usually their spouses – to at least one Christmas buffet during advent. The company EPI works for has for the […] Read more

Hello there ma’am… er, sir…

Is this not the most hilarious bar stool ever?? THE WEATHER IS…Regular reporting will resume tomorrow. A bit wiped out from some serious carousing. We went here again, only this time we managed to take a snapshot of that monster of a polar bear [he’s the one with the hat]. Yowsa.

Throwback to the past..

Took The Unit in for an oil change this morning and instead of biding my time in a foul-smelling garage waiting room, I decided to take a walk along the seashore next to it. As it happens the sun was just coming up [it was around 11am] and as luck would have it I happened […] Read more

We iz our own people

Today, December 1, marks 87 years since Iceland became a sovereign state. [Whoo-hoo!] At that time, Iceland was the poorest country in Europe. Today it is one of the richest. In the past decade alone, Iceland’s contribution to aid in the developing countries has quintupled. However, this nation would still remain under the Danish crown […] Read more