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January 2006

The golden passover

Vegged out on the sofa last night watching The Golden Globes, a.k.a. The Award Show Where Everybody Gets Sloshed And Gets Lost On Their Way To The Stage. Channel 2 kindly delivered the abridged version of the full version from the night before so we were spared maudlin acceptance speeches from all those people who […] Full article

Leading lady

Surfacing from my flogbunk to announce that our very own AAH has just been cast as the lead in her school’s production of West Side Story. WHOO-HOO! She dragged her ass off to rehearsal this afternoon with the oh-so adolescent sentiment: “Ehh, I can’t be bothered to take part in this stupid musical. I’m gonna […] Full article

Cor, what a serious blogfunk I’m in. For the last two days I’ve had nothing worthwhile or interesting or even mildly amusing to say. Nada. Considered posting the latest toon by my favourite cartoonist but decided it’s getting a bit too much. Really. Apart from the whole issue of copyright, it’s pretty damn cheap to […] Full article

Ok, they’ve resigned

… the editors of DV, obviously. So we can now get back to more pressing matters, like bringing you pictures of cartoons brazenly ripped off from Blaðið. TOM JONES ENTERTAINS RICH ICELANDERS… Was the headline on the evening news a few nights ago. The report went on to say that a bunch of Icelandic neuvaux […] Full article

As the fury subsides…

Well, much of yesterday’s fury has abated, although a nationwide discussion about the matter has continued. All parts of the media, without exception, have condemned DV – in fact a front-page headline in Blaðið says it all: “DV ISOLATED”. A photograph through the window of their offices shows staff looking very grim. Evidently they’ve virtually […] Full article

Ignorant, Immoral, Wrong!

It’s safe to say that there is major turbulence in Icelandic society today after a particularly devastating front-page story in trash-tabloid DV yesterday. DV is one of four daily papers published in Iceland. A couple of years ago it was in dire straits when the oft-cited Baugur Group came riding along on its white steed […] Full article

Penis mall exposed!

Those of you who have been reading awhile will remember YT’s occasional references to shopping excursions at Penis mall. You may also recall that some readers have been mystified by this reference. YT has made a noble effort at clarifying; however, as we all know, sometimes words just cannot capture the essence of what a […] Full article


HI MY NAME IS MELVIN WATT FROM CHAPER HILL, NORTH CAROLINA. I WAS IN ICELAND OVER NEW YEARS AND I HAVE THIS TO SAY TO YOU ICELANDIC WOMEN: I DON’T THINK YOU’RE PROMISCUOUS AT ALL… just totally goddamn boring. [This from today’s Blaðið, one of two free daily papers delivered to our door. They have […] Full article

Cigars for everyone!

At o6.50 this morning, the population of Iceland was 299,999. At 7.20 am, the 300,000-th Icelander arrived. Whoo-hoo! According to Statistics Iceland, there’s been an unusual population increase up here over the past few years. An average of 12 people are born in Iceland per day, while there are five deaths on average. No speculations […] Full article

Tarantino: the scandal

Right, so remember how I said I wasn’t going to write another word about old Quentin Tarantino unless he went and scandalized really bad? Well call me prescient if you will if you shall if you must, but he’s gone and done it. So I am now forced to tell you about it. A couple […] Full article