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February 2006


We have municipal elections coming up this spring and candidates are currently working overtime trying to convince the poor innocent voting public that they are worthy of our trust. It’s impossible to open a newspaper without a contrived photo of some candidate’s mug accosting you; similarly these are pasted on every bus shelter or outdoor […] Full article

Extra funny

Man, I cannot believe that they’re only going to make one series of Extras. […] Guess what I did: I wrote the sentence above, then Googled ‘Extras’ to create a link, and the first thing I see on their page: ‘Extras series two in the pipeline.’ D’oh! More: ‘This must be the least surprising news […] Full article


Boy, let me tell you: I have had techno woes verging on the absurd over the past couple of days. I suspect an astrologer would tell me that I had Mercury or some other planet in retrograde because over the last couple of days, technology has not been my friend! It started with my computer […] Full article

Sylvía aces while songwriter sulks

So one of the songwriters in the Eurovision preliminaries here in Iceland has gone and filed a formal complaint because the Sylvía Nótt song was allowed to stay in the competition. Sheesh! Can this man not see that the supercrafty Sylvía Nótt performance was head and shoulders above the sap-and-cheese profferred by the competition, and […] Full article

OMG! Scandal!

The Icelandic nation is currently engaged in selecting its contestant for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. As loyal readers may recall, Iceland goes ga-ga for the cheesy spectacle that is Eurovision, as it is our annual chance to prove to the World at Large that we are ‘the best’ in something. In this case, ‘the […] Full article


After weeks of careful preparation, of location-scouting and paper-tearing, the time draws nigh: Polly the cockatiel is set to deliver a wee set of eggs in the not-too distant future. It’s a little more than two years and two months since Polly became a girl, and it’s been almost that long since she laid her […] Full article

Gloom and doom

Well Reykjavík has just been declared the third most expensive city in the world. This should come as no surprise to those who have visited this country in the last couple of years and may be blamed almost exclusively on the high rate of the Icelandic krona. Those of us who live here don’t notice […] Full article