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March 2006

Yoko’s peace

So Yoko Ono [with son Sean] came to Niceland the other weekend bearing Tidings of Great Joy – she has decided to bestow upon the City of Reykjavík a ‘peace column’ made of glass, inscribed with a line of text from ‘Imagine’ and another line of text from Yoko herself, which will contain peace wishes […] Read more

In which YT listens to voices

You know how sometimes you get these periods where you just have to STOP! and question everything? I get those periods once in a while. This is what the past couple of weeks have been about for me. I know some people have been concerned that I was going through some BIG CRISIS and you […] Read more

This appeared on my site meter today

dear google what should i do a report on Iceland or Switzerland … could very well be my favourite google search to date


… And today it’s Ash Wednesday. Which concludes our three crazy days leading up to Lent. [‘Boy she sure is busy posting for someone who’s supposed to be on a break.’‘Yes but what’s really worrying is how she keeps talking to herself…’‘I know. She really needs to get out more.’‘Mmm.’]