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April 2006

Let them read books…

So as previously documented in this space, the US military has decided to pull its troops out of Iceland. Now that the initial disgruntlement about the manner in which this was announced has worn off, the typical Icelander on the street seems fairly content with this new reality and in fact feels pretty positive about […] Full article

OK, I’ve got it narrowed down…

… to an IBM Thinkpad on the one hand, and a Dell Inspiron on the other. Anyone have anything bad to report? Or anything good? ALSO… has anyone ever bought used auto parts online? Someone demolished my side mirror and a new replacement here in Iceland costs about ISK 20.000 [USD 270/GBP 150] which is […] Full article

In which the good fight is not fought

Went out to stupid old Nóatún earlier, sibling company to stupid old Krónan, to buy some coffee because I was fresh out. This despite the fact that I’d just finished dinner and did.not.feel.like.going.out into the cold, wet, blustery, rainy evening; however as I was already beginning to tremble a little from the anticipated absence of […] Full article

CONSIDER YOURSELVES WARNED….So last Thursday was the final performance of West Side Story, starring AAH among others. It also happened to be her birthday. We went to see it again: me, EPI, two of EPI’s daughters [Barbie was unfortunately unable to attend, as she is spending six months in Florence poor thing], and EPI’s father. […] Full article

Birthday girl

How did she get from here… to here… …in just the blink of an eye? AND AAH’S BIRTHDAY WEATHER IS…Much the same as yesterday, only with slightly less wind, 10-13 m/s today – which makes all the difference. The sun is shining and temps are currently holding steady at the freezing mark. Meanwhile the weather […] Full article

Copenhagen infatuation

There is a rather excellent tradition here in Iceland in which companies, organizations, clubs… actually any group with more than two people in it, hold this annual celebration called árshátíð [‘annual celebration’]. That means everyone in the group along with their spouses, dates, whatever, get dressed up in formal or semi-formal attire and meet for […] Full article

I’ve been away…

… like to guess where? HINT: The city’s most famous resident is conspicuously absent. More anon!