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May 2006

Please! Have a seat…

Found this rather unorthodox placement for a chair near my house today. Something tells me that if you want it, you can have it. Failing that, you could use it for sitting in and pontificating. Or watching the Eurovision semi-finals tomorrow through somebody’s window. Or simply smoking a cigar in a housecoat and slippers. The […] Read more

Watch and weep

Well, Silvía Nótt is not to be undone and now daily reports of her antics in Athens reach these shores and let me just say it’s pretty hard not to crack up. She started with a bang by swearing onstage during rehearsals and offending the Greeks bigtime, then started pulling stunts like handing her cigarette […] Read more

A view from the bridge

Taken at 11pm last night, not a soul around for miles. … I never tire of this amazing place. I could sit on that bridge forever.

YT the delinquent mother

Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. Through sheer heartlessness and cruelty I am forcing my 15-year old daughter to go here for the weekend. Oh, the devastation! Oh the bottomless trauma of not being able to attend a party this weekend! Oh the torment of having to spend around 48 hours in the company of YT, […] Read more

I’ve been pretty quiet on the Silvía Nótt front lately, but with the Eurovision Song Contest fast approaching news of daily scandals by everybody’s favourite narcissist* are a daily occurrence. The latest consists of a formal complaint by the Eurovision organizers over the ‘f-word’ in the video of the Icelandic song. Evidently this is a […] Read more

Lazy hazy days

Is there any greater luxury in the world than being your own boss? I think not. We’ve been having amazing weather lately – sunny and calm and warm [well. for Iceland – highs of around 18] and even with a hint of humidity – something that does not happen often here near the Arctic circle. […] Read more

YT and EPI have an ephiphany

At the breakfast table: YT: [engrossed in Fréttablaðið] … Crikey, Simon Cowell makes 400,000 pounds an hour. EPI: … Yeah, and the guy’s in a perpetual bad mood. There is silence as both ponder the significance of this. […] […] YT: Are we doing something wrong? YEAH, SO WHO THE HELL NEEDS MALLORCA ANYWAY? With […] Read more

The Icelandic Quota System

It should come as no surprise that when One lives in a country with a small population, such as Iceland, One would, over the course of an average lifetime, become acquainted with a vast number of One’s fellow citizens. Just think of all the people you meet in various social settings – a wedding, a […] Read more

YT blows the whistle

Well dear readers, no doubt you’ll be pleased to know that I called up the health department this morning and reported the errant restaurant featured in the last blog instalment. And while I had the clerk – who incidentally was extremely grateful – on the blower, I also reported a separate incident that I didn’t […] Read more

Here in Reykjavík there’s a pizza joint called Eldsmiðjan, which is commonly agreed to be best pizza joint in the country because they have a special Italian pizza oven that they use, which ‘Sets Them Apart’. Most people agree that when you want to order a good pizza – a really good pizza – you […] Read more