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August 2006

Gay palette

One of the highlights of the summer here in Iceland is the annual gay pride parade, held on the second Saturday in August. What makes the Iceland gay pride parade unique [they say] is that nowhere else is it treated as a family festival to quite the same extent as here. Gay pride in other […] Full article

As faithful readers may recall, YT has had a weeee bit of trouble on occasion comprehending the deep and meaningful significance of some forms of contemporary art. As if being subject to festering foodstuffs hung on walls and onions protruding out of people’s anuses were not enough, we now have a new installation entitled Hugris, […] Full article

More about famous people

Delighted to see that one of my very favourite performers, Cate Blanchett, is in town. Evidently she was here last weekend too; while Icelanders partied up a storm and drank themselves stupid at any of the numerous outdoor festivals, old Cate and family had a quiet time at Hótel Búðir on Snæfellsnes – which is […] Full article

Fame to claim

Well, the Iceland Weather Report is nothing if not prescient, as I’ve said before. Case in point: remember a few days ago when I couldn’t decide what to blog about and I mentioned Magni of Rockstarsupernova fame [who the esteemed [sic] Tommy Lee calls “Magni-ficent” heheheh snort] and I referred to said Magni as “our […] Full article

Civilized Sunday

Sunday afternoon. Sitting at the kitchen table with my coffee, lazily surfing some of my favourite blogs. EPI in the next room, making pictures as only he can. AAH off working, in the place I dare no longer rant about for obvious reasons. The rest of the girls have gone north. In the other room, […] Full article

Quote of the day

“Personally I don’t like her latest records that much. The Sugarcubes were awesome, Debut was awesome, Post was ok, and after that it all sort of started to wear a little thin.” — Sindri Eldon, offspring of Most Famous Icelander Ever, on his mother’s music in an interview with Blaðið [p.37] [warning: link is pdf.] […] Full article

… Or else!

… Otherwise you will be forced to imbibe two full tumblers of brennivín and sixteen pieces of putrid shark, and to stand on one leg whilst singing the Icelandic National Anthem by the side of the pool. Naked. Have a nice swim! THE WEATHERLooking pretty dreary. Overcast with rainshowers and 12°C. And now if you’ll […] Full article

Spoilt for choice

God, I can’t decide what to blog about. Our amazing First Lady, Dorrit Mouissaieff, who became an Icelandic citizen yesterday and who is such a marvellous asset to this country? Our President, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, who today has served ten years in office and whose first wife died of leukemia just two years after he […] Full article