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October 2006

Hack and wheeze

Over the years I’ve normally employed the ostrich strategy in dealing with colds and other minor illnesses – ignore them and they’ll go away. However, after a valiant effort to that effect this week, I was finally forced to concede my defeat yesterday. From the moment of getting up I felt like I’d been hit […] Full article

Symphony of colour

The sunset this evening was amazing. It was an unseasonably warm day – an Indian summer day – just beautiful. The sun was out, and there was just the hint of a breeze. Went for a run along the seashore and it truly was like summer, except that the light was a lot more dramatic, […] Full article


I’ve been doing quite a bit of work for one of the ministries lately and am reminded once again of how amazing it is that this nation manages to function as an independent republic. Consider: we’re a nation of 300,000 people – about the size of a suburb in most large foreign cities. Of those, […] Full article

Culture blurbs, curated by YT

REYKJAVÍK FILM FESTIVAL ENDS And boy was I delighted to learn that the top prize went to the other film that EPI and I managed to see at the festival, which was the absolute antithesis of the one I blogged about last installment. This one, Grbavica, deals with the aftermath of the Bosnian war, including […] Full article

Pass me the Prozac

Last night I saw the most depressing movie I’ve ever seen and also the most depressing movie I’m ever going to see, because I cannot believe that any movie could be more depressing than this one. It’s Finnish and called Frozen City and if you plan to see it you should do the visual equivalent […] Full article

Into the Google Hits Hall of Fame

This week’s most amusing Google search term comes from India: “squeezing the breast movies” Haven’t quite figured out what the prize should be. Suggestions are welcome. MEANWHILE BJÚTÍFUL WEATHER OUT THERE It’s the perfect autumn day: almost clear skies, lots of sunshine illuminating the lovely colours on the trees, and just a hint of breeze. […] Full article

There goes the neighbourhood

Was roused at 6 am this morning by my neighbours fighting and not for the first time. As usual, they were screaming at each other. This time, their fight revolved around underwear. Her: I WAS WEARING FUCKING UNDERWEAR!!! Him: […INCOHERENT…] Her: I DON’T HAVE ANY TO GIVE!!! Him: YOU’VE GOT A WHOLE FUCKING DRAWER FULL […] Full article

Things becoming real

It’s amazing how a topic, subject matter, whatever, can be illuminated when you hear or read a personal, first-hand account. Over the last two days I’ve experienced this intensely on two separate occasions. OCCASION ONEWe have a film festival on at the moment – the Reykjavík International Film Festival [on account of which all the […] Full article