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February 2007

Thank you

Just a quick note to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has commented and/or emailed me with their condolences. It means a lot. This little blog community is special to me, I’ve come to regard many of you as friends and it’s wonderful to know that you are sending thoughts and prayers my way. […] Read more


Two days ago, my mother passed away. Last summer in July, when we visited Canada, she was slated to go in for an operation to remove a tumor in her abdomen. It was a large tumor that had grown rapidly, and for that reason the doctors felt it was most likely benign. The day we […] Read more

Hot in India

This appeared in my webmail inbox today: — hi, i m a pediatrician in india,waiting 4 ur reply. tarun —Oh, tarun tarun tarun. I can just see you now! Sitting lonely in your pediatric clinic strewn with sad, decapitated dolls and other toys played with by sick waiting children, staring wistfully at the computer screen, […] Read more

Armchair journo

Morgunblaðið, one of Iceland’s two main dailies, has a great deal going for all those who want to get in their two cents’ worth [or ten]. They’ve set up a blogging service called blog.is, along the lines of Blogger, WordPress et al, that everybody and their grandmother [in Iceland] seems to be jumping on to. […] Read more