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March 2007

Frankenstein’s hyrax

So I took AAH to her orthodontist Dr Frankenstein this morning, to have this monstrosity removed. Yep, the ‘rapid palate expander’ or ‘hyrax’ that’s been prying apart her skull for the past six months was made history as of today and replaced with a thin strip of metal that will continue to hold her mouth […] Full article

Are we having fun yet?

Things have been pretty heavy around here lately – not how we normally like to operate at the Iceland Weather Report. Surely we can find something light and frivolous to talk about. [dumdum.] Would you like to know what I had for dinner? – Catalonian-style salted cod with fried tomatoes. [dumdum.] It’s snowing. [dumdum.] A […] Full article

Dispatches from the mirror

By the time my mother was four years old, her parents had separated and her father had died. She never spoke to me about having grown up fatherless, except to maintain that it had had no adverse effect on her at all. I think it is something she, herself, truly believed. It doesn’t compute, though, […] Full article

Live spelled backwards

Many years ago, someone recommended I read a book called People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil by M. Scott Peck, a psychiatrist perhaps better known for his book The Road Less Travelled. It’s a loaded book. In it, Peck draws up a profile of people he calls ‘evil’ – a word […] Full article

Move along please, we have no p.d. here

Ahem. I’m getting such an alarming number of googlies with the search words ‘porno dog’ that I’m seriously considering going back and changing the title of this post.* I am not kidding. [about the googlies.] For some bizarre reason, the vast majority of those googlies come from Turkey – so many in fact that I’m […] Full article

All boycott the Green Light

So, according to Fréttablaðið, old Leonardo DiCaprio is flying into Niceland today and guess where he’s headed? Guess! [tap tap tap…] That’s right! The Snæfellsnes peninsula. Hoping to catch YT no doubt. Not knowing that he’s two days too late. Aw. Poor dear. SPEAKING OF THE MOVIESRemember how I gushed about the Green Light a […] Full article

I left my heart at Hótel Búðir

We drove up to Snæfellsnes on Saturday for an árshátíð – EPI’s company very generously invited the staff plus spouses to spend the night at the lovely Hótel Búðir, complete with an amazing three-course dinner and breakfast the following day. A great time was had – after dinner of course everyone retired to the bar-slash-lounge […] Full article

Winter beauty

We’re just back from the Snæfellsnes peninsula, one of the most magical places on the planet. It was my first time there in winter, and while I prefer its ephimeral beauty in summertime, its winter garb holds a strange and subdued kind of beauty. EPI and I spent today touring the coastline and there was […] Full article

Go happy bless

You know how sometimes you’ve said something so many times and then suddenly: ping! on comes a light and you realize what you’ve been saying all along? Like f’rinstance in Icelandic, the formal greeting* when you meet someone is “Komdu sæll”, or if it’s a woman, “komdu sæl”. Which actually means: “Come happy”. And when […] Full article

Of pubescent angst and limos

Here in Iceland we get the phenom known as the árshátíð, which is basically an annual party held by companies, schools or, indeed, any group at all, in which the members get all decked out in their finest and go have a good time. [These can vary in lavishness, with the Copenhagen árshátíð EPI and […] Full article