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April 2007

Speaking in Joni

There’s comfort in melancholy, when there’s no need to explain It’s just as natural as the weather in this moody sky today.– Joni Mitchell, Hejira It’s bad: I’ve started speaking in Joni lyrics again. Years ago, when I was in the pits of desolation, couldn’t handle people, stayed cooped up in my flat most of […] Full article

A post about real life and Gore-tex

First normal day after the Easter holidays today. Incidentally, Easter break is a five-day holiday here for most people, from Holy Thursday to Easter Monday. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are among the few days each year when almost everything is closed, although this has loosened up a bit in the last few years – […] Full article

Tough one

As a consequence of recent events, which I cannot blog about out of consideration for those affected, this has been one of the toughest Easter holidays ever. An trauma like that one that occurred has a rippling effect – it’s incredible how it can affect people only remotely connected with the deceased. As most of […] Full article

Meditations on the Resurrection

When I was twenty years old, I fell in love for the first time. He wasn’t my first boyfriend, or my second, or my third – and while I had previously believed myself in love, I had never truly experienced the depth of feeling, the intense ravishment and rapture of a true meeting of souls […] Full article

Haloscan blues

Just a quickie post on the run to let everyone know that Haloscan is being a right pain and is blocking comments for some bizarre reason. I had this problem a couple of days ago, and resolved it by going into my Norton firewall settings and adding www.haloscan.com as a trusted site. I was then […] Full article

Because we really need some sunshine…

It was a gray and overcast day here in the capital. Meanwhile, on the East Fjords they were basking in the most amazing weather – record highs in April, of 20°C. This picture was taken today in the town where EPI’s grandfather – of this post – lived. Overlooking the fjord where they rowed on […] Full article

A tragedy

Yesterday, the lover of someone very close to me decided to take his own life. The ones that are left behind are struck with uncontrollable grief, and the big question: WHY? – Sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason. It’s an excruciating thing – watching someone close to you shatter into a million […] Full article

White-knuckle weekend

It’s been a tense few days here on the southwest corner of Niceland [Reykjavík and environs]. Yesterday it was finally upon us – the referendum I wrote about in this post, in which the residents of Hafnarfjörður – a small municipality adjacent to Reykjavík – voted on whether to allow the enlargement of the Alcan […] Full article