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May 2007

Whatever happened to Jadetree?

As many of you may recall there was a bit of a furor around the Weather Report a few weeks ago when a popular Icelandic blog posted links to a couple of entries concerning YT’s dealings with a certain Paul F. Nikolov [aka Paul Fontaine]. Brief recap for those who have just joined us: Nikolov […] Full article


My profile appears to have gone missing. If you happen to see it, can you kindly inform it that it is needed here?Ta! ~ Update: I publish this post, and there it is! Was it so intimidated by the authoritative nature of the above that it saw no choice but to return?? [PS. we didn’t […] Full article

So here I am, blabbering on about silly old Eurovision and machismo and all manner of ridiculous things, while Grave Issues are staring me in the face. I speak, of course, of our national elections coming up this weekend, which you might be forgiven for presuming that I don’t give a rat’s ass about, but […] Full article

Breakfast table, 9 am, chez YT YT: It says in Fréttablaðið that Eiríkur is the most macho contestant in Eurovision this year. EPI: Macho? He’s got long hair down to here! YT: … Apparently all the other male contestants are either drag queens or super-effeminate. There’s a macho drought. The women are all hanging off […] Full article


So – remember the other day I was all in a tizzy because AAH had announced her intention to start drinking alcohol on Wednesday? Well, today she announced that she’d changed her mind. She’s not going to start drinking. She figures she’s got too much to lose – and hardly anything to gain. She’d lose […] Full article

You thought you had problems?

Just be glad, be very glad, that you’re not the director of the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service [RÚV] because if you were, you would certainly be facing one hell of a dilemma next weekend. You see, next Saturday we have national elections. Now, whoever was responsible for calling the elections on that day might well […] Full article

Exploring no-man’s land

EPI and I went to see a fantastic film this evening: Das Leben der Anderen [The Lives of Others] – a German film that won the Oscar this year for Best Foreign Film, and very deservedly so. Set in the former German Democratic Republic [East Germany] before the fall of the Berlin Wall, it’s an […] Full article

Operation Nut Job: failed

It took a few days, but Polly the cockatiel finally got wise to our hazelnut scam. She must have had an epihphany in the night because one morning she was up on her perch just jonesing to be let out of the cage. As she does every morning when she’s not excruciatingly busy on the […] Full article

Goodbye to worry-free parenting?

AAH announced at the dinner table this evening that she plans to start drinking alcohol on Wednesday next week. This is not great news. Although inevitable. I guess. Back in grade eight, when most of her friends started flirting with the drink, AAH made a vow to herself that she would hold off entirely until […] Full article