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June 2007


Hey, it seems I’m co-writing a blovel. Isn’t that great? A blovel, you ask? Yes – like a novel, only written by blog people on a blog. [ … INGENIUS!] I totally fell for the idea when I saw it over on Annie’s blog a couple of days ago. So much that my enthusiasm far […] Full article

You know, I’ve been feeling rather guilty for not writing a proper restaurant review of the restaurants I actually like in Reykjavík, as opposed to just using my self-appointed critic status as an excuse to rant about bad service and whathaveyou. Especially since this is the time when the tidalwave of tourists hits us, and […] Full article

Gosh, it really is kind of hard starting up again after having not posted for an entire week. I’m so used to having the blog as a kind of permanent extension of my brain, the place where all the excess stuff goes, and now that I haven’t used it for a while it’s taking a […] Full article

I’m back…

… and I’ve got the Flickr pics to prove it. More later!

So I awoke this morning at ten to what sounded like about 50 Nicelandic trolls passing wind, but which was actually a chorus of ship’s fog horns signaling the start of the Festival of the Sea that’s on this weekend. Yes it’s true: festival season is upon us again, for as regular readers will know, […] Full article

YT: When I was your age, there was no such thing as plastic surgery. Well, I mean there was plastic surgery, but mostly just for people who were deformed because of accidents or whatever. Normal people weren’t getting boob jobs or nose jobs or tummy tucks. AAH: And that’s why the world is a better […] Full article