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July 2007

Anniversary party of the century

Sorry for the lack of blog action around here lately – things have been pretty busy, what with moving the blog to a new location and throwing a party to celebrate our wedding – the two colossal undertakings of last week. As some of you may remember, just over a year ago – 08.07.06 to […] Read more


We’re up and running again. Minor complications arose, so it took a bit longer than anticipated. Thanks for your patience and google searches … and Lee, thanks for your email, which I unwittingly deleted when I planned to respond – however, if you’re reading this you’ll already have the answer to your question. We’re in […] Read more

Back in business – or are we?

I still can’t see the site, but if the stats on my site meter are any indication, some people can. They say this tiresome business should take 48 hours at the most … so by late afternoon tomorrow GMT we should be up and running again. If not I want my money back.

Crap! Due to unforeseen circumstances, it looks like I will have to move the blog to another ISP, meaning we’ll have another DNS server complication. In other words the Iceland Weather Report will probably be down for the next couple of days. So if you log on and find nothing here – that’s why. See […] Read more

YT and EPI scale Mt. Esja

Today EPI and I strapped on our hiking boots on and joined the hoardes trekking up Mt. Esja, our beloved mountain across the bay. It’s a great hike which is clearly becoming more popular each year, as this was actually the first time ever that we had to search for a parking space at the […] Read more