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August 2007

Dining in Reykjavík – our picks!

First this: even if I still haven’t managed to grasp what Blogshares is, I was kind of chuffed to discover that it currently lists The Iceland Weather Report as the top Reykjavík blog, and the number two Iceland blog, following on the heels of the formidable Rebekka, who in case you don’t know absolutely rules […] Full article

Been there, done what?

Last night as we were surfing through NYC attractions EPI found a jazz concert with a couple of his absolute favourite musicians ever, playing there while we’re visiting. It took us about, oh, ten seconds to buy tickets online and print them out and now EPI’s totally psyched and can hardly believe his luck. Which […] Full article

Insanity: the new line in self-defense

If there is one piece of news I didn’t need to read this morning [apart from how the rate of the krona is rapidly falling against the dollar] it’s the story about the three Icelandic guys that got mugged in Manhattan a couple of nights ago. See, I was under the distinct impression that old […] Full article

In Brooklyn we trust

So, remember earlier this year when I said we weren’t going abroad this year but asked you not to quote me on it, because, you know, just in case? Well, I hope you didn’t quote me on it, because we’re going. We honestly weren’t going to … it’s just that we got these travel vouchers […] Full article

This woman single-handedly took it upon herself to conduct a poll these past few weeks to discover the most beautiful word in the Icelandic language. The results are now in, and according to her readers the most beautiful word in the Icelandic language is ‘ljósmóðir’ which literally translated means ‘light mother’ – the Icelandic word […] Full article

Trailers: the new foot massagers

Icelanders are notorious for their indiscriminate love of new gadgetry. One of the running jokes of this society is the electric foot massager debacle that happened one Christmas when there was a massive sale in electric foot massagers because it happened to be the indispensable household item of the day. A decade later, practically every […] Full article

This latest hiking excursion of ours reconfirmed for me how much I absolutely love travelling in Iceland. It’s so vibrant with all sorts of impressions – from beautiful landscapes to incredible history, particularly the stories that abound in each place. In fact, to me that’s one of the most fantastic things about travelling here – […] Full article