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October 2007

Imagine: no sooner is Yoko’s peace column erected [as it were] than all hell breaks loose in the Reykjavík city council, in fact so drastically that the majority collapsed yesterday and before you could say allyouneedisloveloveloveisallyouneed we had a new city government and a new mayor. All in the space of half a day. Ironically, […] Read more

So Yoko Ono’s Peace Tower was lit on Tuesday night and it looks kind of cool, although also kind of scary, like a mammoth searchlight reaching into the clouds. Kind of like No Man’s Land has been transported to Viðey. The ceremony itself was a little awkward, at least it had YT cringing in her […] Read more

Just testing my new scanner …

It works, whoo-hoo!

Yoko’s peace pole fired up

This place is swarming with foreign journalists right now in anticipation of the lighting of Yoko Ono’s peace column this evening, set to illuminate the night sky from the island of Viðey, just off the north coast of Reykjavík. Yoko herself is also in town, along with son Sean, Ringo Starr and Olivia Harrison. Apparently […] Read more

Nosepicking: the national epidemic

So EPI goes into an unnamed supermarket today at lunchtime to buy some hot food. Behind the meat counter there’s a bunch of guys standing around, and one of them was blithely exploring the inside of his nasal cavity with his finger. Needless to say, EPI had a 1944* instead. BUT THE WEATHER WAS EXCELLENTReally […] Read more

Nuts are okay, but they have to be naked

It’s been a while since Polly the cockatiel has had a starring role on this blog – not, in fact, since Operation Nut Job appeared to have failed a few months ago, much to our chagrin. And lazy YT has failed to report on the fact that Operation Nut Job is actually ongoing and has […] Read more

Amazing astonishing factoid of the day

Well, if today’s Fréttablaðið is to be believed, Nicelandic companies currently have almost as many people on their payrolls abroad as the sum total of all people on the labour market here. More precisely, it means there are 170,000 workers on the Icelandic labour market, and 163,000 on Nicelandic payrolls abroad. Kind of crazy, innit? […] Read more

Back-at-home blues

I’ve spent the last three days being jet-lagged … it’s amazing how much more difficult it is to go from West to East than from East to West. Also I’m sure that the Icelandair flight leaving NY at around 9 pm and arriving at 6.30 am local time after 5.5 hours of flying, meaning you […] Read more