November 2007

DeCode Me: evil offspring of pop culture and genetics? Discuss.

November 30, 2007

So, old deCODE Genetics, winner of Iceland’s Most Clever PR Campaign Ever*, has come up with an ingenious new strategy to drive up their share prices: deCODE Me, the Personal Genome Scan. The rock ‘n roll of genetics studies, if you will. You have to admit it’s quite brilliant. For the nominal fee of USD […]

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Mancolds and girliecolds

November 28, 2007

I’ve done d*ck all today as far as work goes and am feeling semi-guilty about it. In fact, I’ve done very little else than surf t’Internet like a zombie. My excuse is that I’ve got a cold. Sound plausible enough? It’s AAH’s fault. She spent all of last week at home with a cold and […]

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The earth will shake, in two will break …

November 27, 2007

Ehm, we hope that last bit doesn’t materialize, but the fact is that the earth has been shaking a fair bit around here for the last couple of weeks. There’s been activity on the so-called ‘western volcanic belt’ which extends from the Reykjanes peninsula [approximately where we are] to the north of Langjökull glacier. We […]

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Something to chew on and spit back out

November 25, 2007

Friends, it’s time to purge a few googlies from the cache. Over the past few weeks we had our collection of the usual suspects… … the linguistically challenged: big penis vs samll penis pics (Lewiston, NY) wot is a advent (sum kind of hulliday, like? UK) conquering a porographic habit (Too much porography is bad […]

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The most delicate of winter days

November 22, 2007

It was such a gorgeous day today – sunny, cold, crisp, and totally calm. I went out at lunchtime and for once remembered to take my camera with me. Everything was covered in a fine veneer of frost – the stones, the seaweed down on the shore, the vegetation, even the footprints in the sand. […]

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When political correctness goes horribly wrong

November 21, 2007

Over in Australia, Santa Claus is being discouraged from saying “Ho ho ho!” because it may be offensive to women.* Instead they’re recommending “Ha ha ha!”, but won’t that be offensive to paranoid schizophrenics who think everyone’s laughing at them? Maybe he could say, “Hey hey hey!” but won’t that be offensive to women who […]

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The lack of witty titles? Blame SAD

November 20, 2007

Ohboy. Some of us are really feelings the effects of SAD season around here. This is the toughest time of the year, if you ask me, and if I were still prone to the sort of depression I used to get, I’d probably be pulling a Virginia Woolf right about now. Either that or getting […]

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YT and EPI enjoy a romantic outing complete with spa, slippers and food to die for

November 18, 2007

Last year when EPI and I got married, our four exceptionally wonderful daughters gave us a fabulous wedding present: a night at the Hotel Saga plus dinner at Grillið, their in-house restaurant that happens to be one of the best in Reykjavík. It’s taken us almost a year to fit this little outing into our […]

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Every title I come up with for this post is boring so I’ll just call it National Language Day. Yawn.

November 16, 2007

As regular readers will know, the Nicelanders are exceptionally devoted to their language, Icelandic. In fact, many people consider the language to be the factor that defines Iceland as a nation. We are joined together by one language – a language that no other nation speaks. It should come as no surprise, then, that there […]

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Something to aspire to?

November 15, 2007

Here in Niceland, when someone’s making money, we have an idiom: “They’re getting hairy palms”. Meanwhile, Fréttablaðið has a daily feature called “Question of the Day” in which they ask someone – often someone who has been in the news – a question. No prizes, then, for guessing what they asked the beautician from yesterday’s […]

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