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November 2007

Fréttablaðið has a groundbreaking news item on its front page this morning: Icelandic men are addicted to Brazilian waxing. “Since last year, men have increasingly woken up to the benefits of Brazilian waxing,” an employee at the Cera beauty salon is quoted as saying. “It sounds really painful, but it isn’t … when I was […] Full article

National Power Company says NO to smelters

The best news of last week in my opinion was a decision by the National Power Company to refuse all negotiations with companies planning to build new aluminium smelters in the south and west of Iceland. Instead, the company will focus on providing energy to firms with more diverse operations, such as high tech companies […] Full article

Small is huge at mec.ca

The other day I decided to order a few things online from Mountain Equipment Co-Op in Canada. MEC and I go back a long time; it was just starting up when I moved to Toronto in the 80s, I’ve followed its rise from grassroots outfit to trendy outfitter and have been a member for over […] Full article

Polly has the day from hell

Poor Polly the cockatiel had a rough day yesterday. It started off fine – she emerged from her cage, flew down to the floor, ran into the kitchen, picked at the broccoli I set out for her on the paper towel while I ate breakfast, and then when I settled in with the laptop at […] Full article

One of the perks of living on an island

You know, I’ve had my gripes with the Reykjavík police authorities in the past, but I’m rarely as grateful or proud of Iceland’s finest as when the Nordic branch of Hell’s Angels sends its thugs over to stake out the territory and they’re met head-on at the airport by a swarm of police officers who […] Full article

More on raising the vagabond

Apropos the last post, I have to say I find it interesting to hear about curfews in other parts of the world, from which I glean that teenagers elsewhere are generally not permitted to stay out as late as they are here. I’d like to be able to say that this is because Iceland is […] Full article

Some tricks just never go out of style

There’s been occasional family discord around here of late over the curfew for the resident princess. See, there’s that weeeee discrepancy between the time AAH feels she should come home on weekends [4-5 am] and the time her mother feels she should come home on weekends [2 am]. It’s not an easy situation. In fact […] Full article

When I go for my massage, and afterwards when I go soak in the hot pot at the Laugardalslaug pool, I like to be quiet. I don’t like to talk. And normally I can get away with it, speaking just the bare minimum. Not today. In fact it was kind of odd that, on both […] Full article