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June 2008

Another polar bear!!

I thought EPI was pulling my leg when he came home today and told me there was another polar bear on the loose up north. It’s been only 12 days since the last one, which as we all know was shot within a few hours of being discovered, generating a worldwide outcry. Consequently every attempt […] Full article

And a marvellous time was had …

It was a gorgeous weekend. On Saturday we went to my stepdaughter’s graduation ceremony in the Laugardalshöll arena, which was packed with proud relatives and friends of the 850 or so students who were graduating from the University of Iceland on that day [it was actually 1000+ in total, but not all of them were […] Full article

Graduation on a gorgeous day!

My eldest stepdaughter is graduating from medical school today. She embarked upon this journey seven years ago, having graduated from upper secondary school with the highest grades of that graduating class [what they call dúx here in Niceland]. She got off to a flying start, but somewhere during that first year became somewhat overwhelmed by […] Full article

Feeding the chipmunk

AAH had two of her wisdom teeth out on Tuesday and has been moping around the house since then, looking much like a chipmunk with its cheeks full of nuts [poor baby!]. Thus the biggest challenge so far this week has been what to feed her. A fickle eater at the best of times, AAH […] Full article


A few years ago, a new jewellery design studio appeared like a breath of fresh air on the Icelandic design scene. At the time, modern Icelandic jewellery design was hopelessly fixated on rocks that were set in convoluted metal shapes that I can’t imagine would have looked flattering on anybody. Enter Aurum, who brought light, […] Full article

A party, a play and sum cheezburgers

I’m probably the last person on the planet to discover the brilliance of this website – and now I just can’t get enough. AAH and I have been IN STITCHES for the last week or so every time we log on together [you laugh harder when there’s two of you, trus me!]. More than just […] Full article

Heaven and Santa Maria

Within the past week, I have swung from such extreme polar opposites in dining experiences that it’s a wonder I’ve retained my sanity. I didn’t think it was possible to reach such sublime heights, or such hideous lows in the space of a few days. But – turns out it is, and here in our […] Full article

Mad props to Sigur Rós, who went out and made a video with a bunch of nekkid people running around in the woods and got it banned on You Tube. Score! Cuz, you know, getting a vid banned on You Tube must be a pretty stellar accomplishment, considering all the millions of videos that pass […] Full article


So both EPI and I are suitably appalled that they felled that poor wayward polar bear today. Tempered only slightly by the fact that the location where it was wandering is precisely where we have a hiking trip planned later this summer, and the fact that the weatherman interviewed on Kastljós this evening – the […] Full article

Polar bear alert!

So, apparently there’s a real live polar bear on the loose between Sauðárkrókur and Skagaströnd in the north. Probably took the Iceberg Express over from Greenland, and according to reports he may have been here a while already. This is pretty exciting news since polar bears are relatively uncommon guests around here, and – it […] Full article