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July 2008

Stealing boxers

Last week when I was getting ready to head to the cottage I noticed that my bikini was missing and realized I’d probably left it behind at the Laugardalslaug pool the weekend before. Decided therefore that I’d drop by there on my way out of town and see if they had it in the Lost […] Full article

Hermit in the woods

My father and his wife own a cottage with two other families, so they have the right to it every third week. They don’t always make use of it, though, and when they do it’s often just for the weekend, and they are very generous about lending it to us, their children, when it’s not […] Full article

At the dinner table

YT: I was reading an interview today with [a woman] who’s been trying to have children for years. EPI: M-hm. YT: Apparently they’ve tried everything and they’re going to adopt now. EPI: Yeah? YT: I didn’t even know she was married. Apparently she and her husband have a long-distance marriage; he lives in Denmark and […] Full article