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August 2008

The great thing about forgetting

I seem to have this exceptional ability to forget books and films about fifteen minutes after I’ve read/seen them. No, really, it’s a wonderful talent to have. I can watch films over and over again and be just as surprised when the good guy turns out to be a villain, or when the husband’s been […] Read more

Restaurant review! – Lækjarbrekka

I’ve been notoriously lax in my restaurant reviews of late. This despite the fact that I’ve eaten in restaurants relatively frequently this summer AND the fact that Cassie expressly asked me to write a restaurant review [or two] before she came to Iceland, which I had every intention of doing; meanwhile, she has now been […] Read more

I can’t help it: even though I hardly EVER watch handball and really couldn’t care less about it, I was totally psyched when the Icelandic national team beat world champs Germany at the Olympics today. wOOt!! Consider: on the one hand we have a nation of 80 million people. On the other you have a […] Read more

Clapton does his job and forgets Layla

So, I’ve been having a bit of trouble coming up with things to say about the Eric Clapton concert I went to last weekend. At the risk of sounding like a perpetual sourpuss, I have to say I didn’t enjoy it very much. And I can’t decide whether it was old Eric himself, or the […] Read more

So, last Friday night Eric Clapton played a gig at the Egilshöll arena and put on a pretty decent show. All very professional, like, with lotsa hot guitar action and whathaveyou, all of which I shall get to presently. But first I must tell you all about the pre-show experience, which was – not to […] Read more

Jus’ in case u wuz wondrin…

… … … … … … … … more cat pictures WETHR Iz col’ nau. Un dark. Un rain all dayz. Nau iz 10C 50F. Da sun rize 4:55 am, da sun setz 10:09 pm. U may leevz komment nau, pleez.

Shucks. So many lovely comments on that last post. I know I have no right to complain. As many of you have pointed out, this blog has so many loyal readers and/or commenters. Some of you have been with me almost from the beginning [Bluegrass Mama, Professor Batty, Karen, Auður spring to mind …] and […] Read more


You know what’s pretty disheartening? When almost over 400 people visit and there are only two comments. TWO. Feeling kind of ‘oh-what’s-the-point’ today. That’s all. [PS thanks to the two people who commented on the last post. Sniff.]

A plaintive farewell to summer

Well, our long Verslunarmannahelgi weekend [Iceland’s version of Labour Day weekend] is rapidly drawing to a close and I can’t get past the feeling that summer will be over in the blink of an eye. Indeed, for many people this weekend marks the unofficial end of summer as July is a virtual dead zone around […] Read more

EPI on Mt. Esja plus annoying IE bug

Just a quick post to say that IE is having problems handling the Weather Report – it loads the page partially and then quits. Firefox, meanwhile, has no such trouble, which just goes to show … something. My ISP informs me that there are no errors in their logs, which suggests that IE is the […] Read more