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September 2008

Men in skirts and other interesting diversions

Reykjavík is filled with Scots wearing kilts at the moment. They’re over here to support their national football team, which is playing Niceland as we speak. As a matter of fact I should probably turn on the telly and see what the score is … scuse me … 0:1 for Scotland, 27 minutes into the […] Read more

You know, sometimes I just cannot believe what the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service [RÚV] gets away with serving up for our television viewing pleasure. Nine times out of ten it will be absolute crap. If there’s a film on RÚV, particularly on Friday or Saturday nights, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it will be a […] Read more

Sweet dreams

You know how you sometimes have a dream that stays right there with you for the entire day afterward, and you keep having flashes of it and the feelings it evoked? I had one of those dreams last night. I was back in an apartment that I lived in when I was a little girl. […] Read more

Meeting Sam & Ella in Rhodes

A pretty gruesome story has come to light here in Iceland this past week or so involving a group of friends who travelled to Rhodes last month and contacted salmonella poisoning. YT has been following the story with substantial interest because it involves the same travel agency as is handling our upcoming Croatia trip. It […] Read more

Read any good books lately?

EPI and I are going to Croatia at the end of next week. I’ve never been and everyone I talk to and everything I read is overwhelmingly positive, so I’m pretty psyched. We’re staying on the Adriatic coast and possibly we’ll rent a car and do some touring, but mostly I’m looking forward to just […] Read more

Not saying we’re seeing a trend or anything, but in the last two days TWO people who live in the United States have asked me about their prospects for moving to Iceland and getting work here. I mentioned this astonishing fact to EPI last night. EPI: What did you tell them? YT: Well, you know, […] Read more

While I’m on the subject of the US presidential elections, here’s another thing that has me confounded: why do people keep going on about Barack Obama being ‘black’? Doesn’t he have a white mother? Doesn’t that make him ‘mixed race’? Why is he African-American, and not Caucasian-American?? I mean, he didn’t even grow up with […] Read more

I think most Icelanders have been following the recent Astonishing Revelations About Sarah Palin’s Pregnant Teenage Daughter with a wry sort of amusement, especially the part where the Republicans fall all over themselves in their haste to declare … but she’s going to marry the father. As if that’s the magic cure for her oh-so […] Read more


As I mentioned in a previous post, berries – especially blueberries and crowberries – grow wild in Niceland and reach their ultimate ripeness in late August to early September. That’s when Nicelanders head out to the fields with their buckets and Tupperware containers to scoop up these oh-so yummy yields of the earth. I think […] Read more