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October 2008

Yesterday it was four years since I started this blog and, as has become my custom on blogaversaries, I spent the day thinking about blogging and my experience of it [well, I thought about other things too, but you get the picture]. Inevitably, this year my thoughts revolved around how much things had changed. How […] Full article

Of humiliation and persecution

Yesterday Iceland failed in its quest to secure a seat on the UN Security Council.* According to The Times, this constitutes a “fresh humiliation” for Iceland on the international stage. I’m sorry: but when does running for something – whether office, or seat, or anything else – and not making it, constitute “humiliation”? You run […] Full article

Demonstration tomorrow!

For those of you who are in Iceland: there is a demonstration TO DEMAND CHANGE, tomrrow at 3 pm on Austurvöllur. More information here [thanks icegrl for the link]. There’s also a Facebook group: Davíð Oddsson ætti að segja af sér [Davíð Oddsson should resign] for those interested, as well as Ákall til þjóðarinnar [a […] Full article

And as our credibility sinks into the sea

For the past two days I have been struggling to understand how it is that our Central Bank governors are still in office. The fact that they have not been unceremoniously kicked out on their sorry asses [because clearly they are too morally corrupt to make that move themselves] is something I find completely unfathomable […] Full article

Needed: road map for the New World Order

Yesterday I read a story in a column someone wrote in Fréttablaðið, about a little three-year old girl who burned her hand. After crying for a while, she went off and started playing again like nothing had happened. Over the course of the afternoon her mother noticed that a big blister formed on her hand, […] Full article

This is too precious not to have its own post

One of my fellow countrymen has gone and vented his written a post on The Guardian’s “Comment is Free” site about the spark that set off the Iceland-UK diplomatic row last week. That post has now solicited a slew of ugly rants similar to what this post did on this site a few days ago; […] Full article

What really matters

This place is crawling with foreign media at the moment and many, it seems, are looking for drama: the destitute banker sitting on a curb in his pinstriped suit, the family with ten children that has lost everything in the bank collapse and doesn’t know how they’re going to survive, stooped people waiting in line […] Full article

How about some googlies?

If there was ever a need for inane google searches, now would be it. In between the onslaught of ‘iceland bankrupt’ or [believe it or not] ‘iceland weather report’ in the past week or so, the odd gem has been hiding amongst the rubble. where penis goes in girl pictures – somewhere, someplace, sex ed […] Full article

Osama and us

Relations between the UK and Iceland hit the deep freeze today. It’s a bizarre scenario. For the uninitiated, it revolves around Landsbanki’s UK operations, Icesave, into which thousands of Brits, including a number of local councils, deposited their money. Yesterday morning UK Chancellor Alistair Darling was quoted as saying that “believe it or not” Icelandic […] Full article

Will there be no Nuremberg trial?

One of my favourite Icelandic bloggers, Dr Gunni, can always be relied on for a glimmer of sanity, not to mention a chuckle. In his post from October 7 he’s got a pretty interesting take on the situation that’s was under discussion in the last post [I hope he forgives me for the somewhat inadequate […] Full article