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November 2008

This post is not about the fricking economy

I’m so sick of everything to do with recession and depression and IMF loan and the charade that passes for politics in this country that I feel like I want to HEAVE every time I think about it. Seriously, I’ve had it. At least until next time I feel compelled to proffer an opinion. I […] Read more

YT strikes in The Guardian, again

Or rather on The Guardian website, as before. Mildly annoyed that they changed my heading, and a little more than mildly annoyed at the sub-heading they plastered on the thing. This: David Oddsson, head of Iceland’s central bank, surely can’t hold on much longer. He’s rewriting history, but has nowhere to hide Did not come […] Read more

… but he’s not telling. Seriously, you have to hand it to Doddsson, Chairman of the Board of the Central Bank and one of its three governors – if there is anyone here in Iceland who can drop bombshells, who can get the entire nation up in arms, who can single-handedly and instantaneously create a […] Read more

YT speaks in The Guardian

Or on the Guardian website, to be precise. Now all I have to do is stay away from those comments.* MORE OF THE SAME WEATHER Drizzle, extremely overcast [oh delightful SAD light, where would we be without you?], slight wind. At the moment it’s 7°C [45F], the sun came up at 10.07 [coulda fooled me], […] Read more

Capturing the mood of the meltdown

I don’t often post links exclusively, but I feel compelled to post this one. It’s probably the best comprehensive exposé I have read on this country’s current situation to date and captures uncannily well both the prevailing mood and the character of the Icelandic nation. Letter from Iceland – from the Financial Times. IT’S DAMP […] Read more

One of the great perks of this depression and indeed of writing this blog is that I’ve had the chance to meet so many new people, both virtually [online] and in Real Life. Last Thursday, for instance, myself and Eygló, who edits the Iceland Review website, got together with a woman named Lesley Riddoch, a […] Read more

Notes from the depression II

So, last week, in my first Notes from the depression post, I invited questions from readers – if there was anything they’d like clarified, I’d do my best. Choan wanted to know if, since fruits and veggies have gone up by around 60 percent, could people still afford to eat on Icelandic salaries? — I’m […] Read more

On the status of the Icesave debacle

Two days ago, a group of Dutch people who had their savings in Icesave accounts arrived in Iceland, along with a film crew. They’re here to visit the bank and government officials, and they want some answers. A couple of them were interviewed on the TV news and I must say, my heart goes out […] Read more

In the last few days, there has been major buzz around an idea outlined by two economists in an article in Fréttablaðið last Saturday, which revolves around Iceland unilaterally adopting a new currency – without taking a loan from the International Monetary Fund. The article outlines how this would be done, and by the sounds […] Read more

Bad Icelander Awards and other diversions

I’m totally loving the Bad Icelander Awards that a reader, Muriel Volestranger, has taken to distributing in the comments. So far she has handed out awards to Bjarni Ármansson [here], Elín Sigurðardóttir [here] and Björn Bjarnason [here]. Clearly the Nicelandic proletariat has gained a worthy ally in their Battle for a Better Nation. Go Muriel! […] Read more