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December 2008

In praise of the kreppa and other musings

Today I sat down for a coffee with a journalist from the New Yorker [hi Ian!] who was in town for a few days. He’d read my post about going to the symphony and was a little puzzled that people here are still doing stuff like going to concerts and shopping and suchlike. He wondered […] Full article

The Advent and the kreppa

This evening, EPI and I attended a fabulous concert with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. Our friend Víkingur was a soloist, playing Bartok’s third piano concerto, and proved yet again that he’s one of the finest artists Iceland has ever produced. I’m not kidding. Everyone who’s anyone was there tonight, the crème de la crème of […] Full article

So, our poor tattered króna was gingerly placed in the financial waters today … and miraculously, it floated! As opposed to sinking like a stone and coming up in, say, China! By the end of the day, it had strengthened by eight percent. Yes yes, there’s a long way to go, but still – that’s […] Full article

Suffering fools

I bet there are a lot of people out there wondering just WHY no heads have rolled here in Iceland in wake of the economic implosion – and find it incomprehensible that they have not. A lot of people here do too, but probably not too many are surprised. Sadly, it’s par for the course […] Full article

Anatomy of an Icelandic riot

As many of you will already know, there was a demonstration at Arnarhóll yesterday to mark the 90th anniversary of Iceland’s independence from Denmark. It featured the usual suspects, writers and activists and thinkers who are opposed to the current regime and irate over what’s gone down here in recent weeks. YT was in attendance. […] Full article