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February 2009

On the radio

A longtime reader, Don, was kind enough to post this to the forums a couple of days ago, but I wanted to wait until I had a chance to review it before I posted it on the blog, in case I came across like a complete moron. In which case, obviously, I would have made […] Read more

A second Central Bank director resigns

… but he plans to stay on until June 1. WTF?? If this is Eiríkur Guðnason’s attempt at diplomacy, walking the tightrope between placating the nation [he’ll resign] and slavish devotion to Davíd Oddsson [but he won’t leave], it’s rather misguided. Seriously, the farce around these clowns gets more ridiculous by the day. Our PM […] Read more

Who needs concerts when you have protests?

Seriously. Protests are where the greatest stuð is these days [an excellent word that is virtually impossible to translate but falls somewhere between ‘fun’ and ‘rush’] here in Niceland. As everybody knows, the recent revolution has consisted of people showing up in strategic locations and banging pots, pans, drums or whathaveyou, inevitably creating a tribal […] Read more

Doddsson’s tirade

Ah, me. I have just read Doddson’s letter to the Prime Minister in full. Every few seconds I found the corners of my mouth turning upwards, then drooping in dismay. Because, truthfully, I am sad to see a man of Davíd Oddsson’s stature sink to this level. Whatever dignity he once possessed has been completely […] Read more

Overheard in the hot pot “All those people who have been protesting … I’d be really interested in knowing how many of them have paid taxes. I’m convinced that 80% of the protesters have never paid taxes.” Where: The 42-44 °C hot tub at the Seltjarnarnes swimming pool When: Sunday, 8 February, 2009 @ 18.20. […] Read more

On holding the tycoons accountable

Yesterday I got all bundled up and headed down to the weekly Saturday demonstration, in the freezing cold. Yes, the demonstrations are still being held, although the number of people in attendance have dropped substantially. Yesterday there were 500-1,000 people there, including a group of four Germans who came to Iceland expressly to find out […] Read more

A little comic relief

We needz it [… before I tellz u all bout nu Central Bank sauspan revlushun]

The Central Bank under siege

Earlier this week, our new Prime Minister wrote a polite letter to the three directors of the Central Bank of Iceland and asked them to kindly resign because, you know, THE PARTY IS SO OVER FELLAS. She also kindly asked them to have an answer for her by Thursday. It is now Friday, and they […] Read more

Beeb beeb

Just a quickie to say that YT and The Iceland Weather Report will feature [somewhat] prominently on BBC World and BBC 4 at 7 pm GMT this evening. If you aren’t able to catch that, there is an abridged version here. More anon! WE’RE IN THE DEEP FREEZE At least for us … it’s pretty […] Read more

We need far more radical changes

Our third in a series of interviews featues Icelandic singer/songwriter and activist Hördur Torfason. He is the man behind Raddir fólksins [Voices of the People], a grassroots organization that has planned Saturday demonstrations in downtown Reykjavík since last October. It is largely due to his tireless work and perseverence over the past few weeks that […] Read more