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April 2009

This past weekend, EPI and I went to see a new Icelandic film that totally knocked our socks off. It’s called Draumalandið [Dreamland] and it’s a documentary that powerfully depicts the insanity that has prevailed here on The Rock in the last decade or so [or, well, at least part of the insanity]. The film […] Read more

It’s Easter Sunday, the second-last day of the five-day holiday that is Easter weekend here in Niceland. Until a few years ago, everything was closed for most of these five days. They’ve relaxed the rules a bit now, allowing for movies on Good Friday, for instance, and restaurants and cafes are open [largely in response […] Read more

Icelandic Folk Legends for sale!

Everyone: I’m delighted to be able to offer my translations of Icelandic Folk Legends for sale here on the blog! I translated these stories back in 1998 or thereabouts. The book was reprinted in 2007 and on that occasion, this great review [which I think I read when it first came out, I just didn’t […] Read more

Happy Birthday to Litli-Geysir

Hún á afmæli í dag Hún á afmæli í dag Hún á afmæli hún AAH Hún á afmæli í dag! … Today my baby girl officially becomes an adult – she’s 18 years old! Now, what I can’t figure out is how she went from this to this to this to this In the time […] Read more

Should we send the IMF packing?

I’ve just finished watching Silfur Egils from earlier and I now understand what all the blogs and Facebook people have been buzzing about all day– two mind-blowing interviews with two different [foreign] individuals who spoke about things that completely turn the world-view of the average Icelander upside down. This totally blows my limited perspective out […] Read more

So my post from the other day about the CBC’s preoccupation with the Icelanders’ alleged elf fixation garnered a fair bit of attention. There were a lot of referrals, some social media sites picked it up, and predictably most of the attention came from Canada. Seeing as how the tone of the post was, um, […] Read more

YT’s non-story runs in The Guardian

And check out some of those comments below it. Good thing I’ve had lots of practice developing a thick skin. Rocking Iceland’s world For the record, I didn’t think it was much of a story, but they commissioned it anyway — a story about it not being a story. Also — need I say it? […] Read more

Two posts in a couple of hours is undoubtedly a record for YT, but this just in: according to The Guardian the UK yesterday submitted an application for unilateral claim to the seabed around the area known as Rockall, which the UK, Iceland, Ireland and the Faroe Islands have been negotiating ownership over for years. […] Read more

April gags

So, here I was, all ready to write a serious post about some gravely serious subject, until I remembered what day it was and realized that serious subjects are not allowed on April 1. Well, not on this blog, anyway. Everyone totally gets into April Fool’s Day here in Iceland. The objective is to get […] Read more