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May 2009

According to a report on the RÚV evening news, the Financial Supervisory Authority has so far sent ten cases to the office of the special investigator of the bank collapse, and five more are imminent. The FSA also expects to send 15 more cases [at least] to be investigated before the end of the year. […] Full article

And as the new government takes office

Here is the actual press release sent out by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs yesterday concerning the new government: Social Democrats and Left-Greens Continue their Coalition Partnership A new coalition government, formed by the Social Democrat Alliance and the Left-Green Movement, formally announced today [i.e. yesterday – ed. aka YK] at a press conference held […] Full article

So as of today, we have a new cabinet and a new coalition agreement. I’ll spare you a listing of the actual personages appointed to each ministry, since I highly doubt there are any non-Icelandic speakers out there who give a hoot about whose sister, or neighbour, or uncle, or second-cousin twice-removed captured which chair. […] Full article

Read a post in the Morgunblaðið cultural supplement this morning that really resonated. It was about this young Icelandic guy who was picked up in Recife, Brazil earlier this week, trying to smuggle six kg of coke out of Brazil – the biggest drug bust of the year at that airport. Obviously the guy was […] Full article

Old Gordon Brown appears not to have all his cups in the cupboard, as the Germans would say. During question time in the British parliament last Wednesday he claimed that Britain was in the process of negotiating with the International Monetary Fund and other institutions on how to collect from Icelandic authorities the money they […] Full article

Petitioning to let Japsy Jacob stay

Now, lest you think everything is just endless gloom and doom up here on the ice cube in these latest and worst times,* think again! Here comes one inspiring tale: the story of Japsy Jacob. Japsy, who is 25, is from India and came to Iceland in 2007. She settled in Seyðisfjörður, a small town […] Full article

So, I thought we’d have an outage, but as it turned out – we didn’t. It just took a while for the Intertubes to switch from seeing the blog on the old server to the new one … and how long that takes varies from one computer to another. In fact, some people may still […] Full article

Outage imminent!

Just a quick post to say that we’re finally FINALLY transferring the site to a new web host. [wOOt!] I’ve shown endless patience for the incessant outages and f*ckups with my old host. The last time I was about to transfer they offered to move me to a new “more stable” server and I accepted […] Full article

Feelgood song, redux

So EPI’s listening club had its annual gala dinner last Friday night and as you may recall the theme of the evening was “a song that makes you feel good.” I loved the fact that so many of you made suggestions, although in all honesty I have not had time to listen to them all […] Full article

Levitating with Lynch

So, old David Lynch is on his way here to Niceland to help us meditate our way out of our current predicament. Tomorrow he’ll be giving a lecture at Háskólabíó and also leading a Think Tank session at the Ministry of Ideas, all aimed at creating a New and Improved Niceland. According to the Lyncher […] Full article