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June 2009

We’re in Berlin visiting Ragnheiður, youngest stepdaughter, who has been living here since January. Berlin hasn’t changed much since we were here last year, but boy – the prices sure have. They’ve doubled. Which of course might have some relation to the wee problems we’ve been having with our own currency, and its 100 percent […] Full article

The byproducts of fear

Eva Joly’s recent demands concerning the investigation into Iceland’s bank collapse have garnered a mixed reception here on the rock. While an overwhelming majority appears to support her and sees the eminent logic in her arguments, there are others who are not as convinced. One criticism concerns her going directly to the media and stating […] Full article

An interview with Eva Joly

Two days ago, Eva Joly, the Norwegian-French magistrate hired to advise the Icelandic government on the current [colossal] investigation into the bank collapse, threatened to pull out of the investigation unless two very clear conditions were met. One, that the State Prosecutor step down, as he is unfit on familial grounds [his son is an […] Full article

Looking for Kaupthing Edge depositors

A few weeks back I wrote a post in which I asked any Icesave depositors to get in touch. [Thanks again to those of you who did!] This time around I’m looking for people who deposited money in Kaupthing Edge. I’m primarily interested in how you heard about it, your experience using it [the online […] Full article

MY ICELAND: Beautiful Snæfellsnes

This past weekend EPI and I attended the wedding of a dear friend. The ceremony took place here in Reykjavík and then a group of us drove up to beautiful Snæfellsnes peninsula  where there was a fabulous reception at Hótel Búðir, replete with three-course dinner and dancing afterwards. The following day the party journeyed up […] Full article

Writing the kreppa from the inside

The first comprehensive book about Iceland’s economic meltdown came out here in Iceland last Thursday [June 5]. It’s entitled HRUNIÐ [THE COLLAPSE] and is a formidable piece of work. The list of sources alone numbers 1,459 and the book is eminently readable, even as events are reported with a cool, almost chilling, accuracy. Its author […] Full article

Facing up to the Icesave debacle

So the Icelandic government has been in talks with British and Dutch negotiators for the last couple of days over a solution to the Icesave debacle and today it was announced that a resolution is finally in sight. The agreement they’re set to sign is for a loan to Landsbanki by British and Dutch authorities […] Full article

There was an interesting article in Fréttablaðið a couple of days ago called Endurmat í skugga kreppu [Re-evaluation in the Shadow of the Kreppa] by Sverrir Jakobson, which totally turned over a lot of my latent assumptions. I say latent because I wasn’t really aware that I had those assumptions, but as soon as I […] Full article

That’s what I’d like to know. The Chinese authorities, it seemed, were being remarkably silent in the few days leading up to the Dalai Lama’s visit to Iceland – in light of the usual conniptions they tend to throw whenever he goes anywhere, that is. However, we did not have to wait long: yesterday Iceland’s […] Full article

The heavy yoke of the sin tax

So we got slapped with hikes in so-called “sin tax” last Friday, more specifically tax on tobacco, alcohol and gas [although since when is driving your car a sin?]. Nicelanders scrambled to the liquor stores to stock up on booze before the price hike, only later to be informed that the increase won’t properly come […] Full article