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July 2009

I think it’s safe to say that the collective Icelandic nation pretty much keeled over at the news two days ago that the two Björgólfurs had allegedly requested that Kaupthing bank write off half of a loan used for acquiring a controlling share in Landsbanki in 2003 – an ISK 3 billion debt. Quick rewind: […] Read more

The ethereal beauty of Þingvellir

July is such a great month in Iceland. The weather is usually as warm as it gets and the light is so beautiful – even though it’s just past the solstice, there is still daylight for the entire night [although if it is very overcast it can get dark for a short time right in […] Read more

Two elderly gentlemen are conversing on the banks of the pool. G1. I honestly don’t know what this government is thinking. They are running this country into the ground. G2. They are. G1. They haven’t done a godforsaken thing. Not a godforsaken thing. G2. No, they haven’t. G1. They lie, they go back on their […] Read more

Much as I would love to focus solely on these gorgeous summer days and forget all the dreariness that weighs upon this nation like a thick blanket of tar, no self-respecting chronicler of the meltdown can avoid mentioning the latest corruption scandal at old Kaupthing bank. We already know that Kaupthing “loaned” some ISK 500 […] Read more