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August 2009

What we get up to at those demonstrations

Everyone: I have often thought how great it would be if non-Icelandic speakers could understand some of the speeches that have been delivered at the demonstrations and open citizen’s meetings held here over the last few months. They differ, obviously, depending on who is speaking, but in my view they give great insight into the […] Read more

An accord reached on Icesave amendments

So – an accord was reached late last night in the Budget Committee [which has been working on amendments to the Icesave agreement] between the reps of all political parties, except the Progressive Party, on conditions for a sovereign guarantee of the Icesave debt [in plain talk: conditions for having us commoners pony up the […] Read more

Just a quick post to alert you to the fact that the link to the Eva Joly article [published here] currently stands at no. 3 on Reddit’s World News “what’s hot” page. Over 12,000 readers [and counting] have logged on to read it since last night [which came in the wake of thousands more earlier […] Read more

A short report on today’s demonstration

Went to the demonstration this afternoon. Had no idea what the turnout would be like – as some of you will know, Iceland does not have a great tradition of protesting, and it takes a lot to get people motivated. Like the current Icesave agreement. It was definitely reminiscent of the demonstrations this past winter. […] Read more

Where are all the commies now?

There is a demonstration scheduled for 5 pm this afternoon in front of the parliament buildings, to protest the current terms of the Icesave agreement. The main organizer is the InDefence group that some of you may remember from their “I am not a terrorist” campaign last year. Apparently the Independence Party sent all of […] Read more

For freedom and life

So, the Icesave debate rages on here in Niceland and is the main news fodder in any given news hour or current affairs programme these days. Brief recap for anyone who’s just joined us: the debate revolves around whether or not the Icelandic taxpayer should be made liable for the colossal debts incurred when Landsbanki’s […] Read more

Kreppa babies

Last weekend on the way home from the Gay Pride parade EPI and I ran into a couple of friends, who are currently awaiting a baby. On chatting about the pregnancy and whatnot my friend Bergljót remarked how it seemed to her that every other woman in Iceland is pregnant these days … and – […] Read more

A conspiracy theory cooked in the hot pot

As many of you will know, the hot pots [or tubs] in Icelandic swimming pools serve pretty much the same function as the pub does in Britain, or the café in France … it’s where people gather together to socialize and discuss current affairs and matters of national importance. This evening I read a pretty […] Read more

Eva Joly: Iceland is being blackmailed

In all the furor surrounding the Kaupthing loan book this past week, the following article by Eva Joly – published in several newspapers across Europe – went virtually unnoticed. The only English-language version I know to have been published was in The Telegraph this past weekend, and it was heavily edited. Below is the full […] Read more


I felt it was about time for this. ALL OF A SUDDEN IT’S FALL! Seriously. It’s an overcast, rainy, blustery day, like we’ve suddenly been transported into late September. In fact, rainy and blustery enough to force me to change one of the windshield wipers on my car which has been toast for the better […] Read more