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September 2009

Downward facing DOG

Last week, AAH went off to the gym in the early evening and stayed there suspiciously late. When she finally came home she announced she’d met a friend and they’d decided to go to a Hot Yoga class that was just starting. Hot Yoga is the hott new thing in here in Niceland. And if […] Read more

Insurgent rebels with toilet paper

So, not exactly a big turnout today for the protests – just over 100 people showed up at City Hall when the sale of HS Orka was debated, and subsequently passed. *Sigh* Numbers dwindled as the debate wore on [it took three hours] — although protesters made progressively more noise. Right at the end there […] Read more

Protests today at Reykjavík City Hall!

A parliamentary committee set up to oversee foreign investments in Iceland finally piped up yesterday and announced its doubts about the legitimacy of the sale of a share in HS Orka to a shell company in Sweden, set up expressly for the purpose of circumventing Icelandic laws. Don’t Icelanders just do everything at the last […] Read more

Lest you think the entire HS Orka debacle started with the entrance of Magma Energy stage left, think again. The sale of Iceland’s resources actually began in 2007, when the Icelandic government – headed by the Independence Party – decided to sell its share in the geothermal power company HS Orka. Curiously, one of the […] Read more

Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve written a really depressing post, right? So it’s about time, right? Fortunately the majority in the Reykjavík City Council is making it real easy for me.  Because they’ve gone ahead and approved that appalling sale of nearly 50 percent in HS Orka to Magma Energy of Canada […] Read more

In the company of nerds

Spent the day at the first social media conference ever held in Iceland, at which I gave a short presentation about this blog. It was a great day and WOW there are so many people doing so many cool things here. Awesome! [Or as AAH would say: ozm!] Hard to convey all the things that […] Read more

MY ICELAND: Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar is a totally remote area in the southern highlands, far from any human habitation. As far as I know it is accessible only via two roads [unless you hike there, of course]. One goes past the power plants just north of the area and is accessible by regular vehicle [although the road is unpaved […] Read more

So, my little hiatus turned out a little differently than planned. My father, who was kind enough to lend me his cottage for a few days, was also generous enough to lend me his Land Cruiser. So driving up there I got thinking: wouldn’t it be nice if EPI could take a couple days off […] Read more