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November 2009

A rundown of the Assembly results

I’ve been going through the results from yesterday’s National Assembly and am well and truly inspired by what I see. Granted, all the work needed to implement these things still remains, and there are not many concrete suggestions — but the vision is there, and there are many of us who consider that vitally important. […] Full article

Great National Assembly, flawlessly organized

Back home now from a great day at the National Assembly. Everything ran like clockwork – amazing considering the extent and intricacies of the logistics involved, from sending out those invitations, to organizing the food for 1,500 participants, to assigning every person a place and table, to the methodology, to training the table facilitators, and […] Full article


Short status update from the media ants: Intense energy, sincerity and positive attitude characterize the National Assembly at Laugardalsholl today. After lunch the participants concentrated on creating a vision for the future of our nation and this work is still going on. About 1,500 people are participating in the meeting. Before lunch the participants discussed […] Full article

This just in from the press centre here: Honesty is the value the representatives of the National Assembly considered most important for society. Equal rights, respect and justice follow. Next are love, responsibility, freedom, sustainability and democracy. The family, equality and trust are also high priorities. This is the conclusion of the first discussion which […] Full article

Live from the National Assembly

So, it’s currently 10.30 11.00 am on Saturday, November 14, and I’m happily installed at the press centre at Laugardalshöll arena, where the National Assembly is taking place. I’m even all geared up with Flip camera, SLR camera, etc. but foolishly left the cord to connect my Canon to the computer at home. D’oh! There […] Full article

The high price of aluminium

My latest post on the THINK platform, about the aluminium industry in Iceland: As anyone following these posts will know, Iceland is a country blessed with vast amounts of “green” energy. The fact that it is also cheap makes it enormously attractive to multinationals in heavy, energy-intensive industries.  This applies especially to the aluminium industry. […] Full article

The Ants march on the Huffington Post

My latest installment on Huffpo: A unique and highly ambitious social experiment is set to take place here in Iceland on Saturday, November 14. On that day, around 1,500 Icelanders will gather in a sports arena in Reykjavík to brainstorm and plan a future vision for our country, and subsequently lay the foundation for the […] Full article

Twenty years ago today

… I was sitting in a pub in West Germany with a handful of friends when someone came over and told us [rather excitedly] that the Berlin Wall was open and masses of people were streaming through. We could hardly believe it. Granted, it wasn’t entirely a surprise, since there had been a leak in […] Full article

The battle for control of Iceland’s energy

My latest post on the THINK platform – the tragic story of HS Orka. In the last post I wrote about how a set of investors, meticulously assisted by the ruling powers in Iceland, managed to gain a controlling share in HS Orka, a geothermal energy company supplying green energy to Iceland’s southwest peninsula, Reykjanes, […] Full article

Glitnir’s Kiddiegate Affair

A few off-topic comments were written beneath the last post referring to the loans that Glitnir [bank] made to children. Most commenters expressed a mixture of outrage and indignation that a bank would make loans to minors and – not least – that the children’s parents would have applied for those loans on behalf of […] Full article