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December 2009

So, the Serious Fraud Office in the UK has launched a large-scale investigation into the activities of Kaupthing bank in the lead-up to the bank collapse last fall. Rumours to that effect have been circulating for weeks, and were finally confirmed today. Among other things, this concerns what seems like large-scale money transfers out of […] Read more

My latest post on the THINK platform. Would you believe that pollution in Reykjavík has exceeded health safety levels 15 times in the last 24 hours? No doubt I am like most THINKers, keeping a close watch on the proceedings in Copenhagen. It’s hard to know what to say about it until something definitive is […] Read more

The Icelandic nation votes on Icesave

So, old deCode Genetics, best known for mapping the Icelandic genome and also for the best PR stunt in Icelandic history,* has joined forces with Eyjan and designed a special online voting system allowing the Icelandic public to vote on whether or not they want parliament to accept the sovereign guarantee on Icesave. [Yes yes, […] Read more

Interesting interview in Silfur Egils  today with Tony Shearer, a former executive with the bank Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander in London. KS&F used to be just plain old Singer & Friedlander until it was taken over by now-defunct Kaupthing bank, in 2006 or thereabouts. The Icelandic útrásarvíkingar placed themselves firmly at the helm, most notably […] Read more

Here comes my latest post on the THINK site: So, our Minister for the Environment, Svandís Svavarsdóttir, heads off to Copenhagen today for the summit. About a month ago, I intercepted her at the National Assembly and asked if I could ask her a couple of questions – you know, about the Assembly results and, […] Read more

A small vignette from everyday life in Iceland

The other day I went down into the laundry room to collect my clean laundry. We live in a small apartment buildings with seven apartments, and there is a room downstairs with clothes lines for drying clothes – and indeed for washing them too, although everyone in the building has their washing machine inside their […] Read more

Doddsson’s quotation marks

In the last post I wrote about the statement issued by the press unions in Scandinavia, in which they express their grave concern about the state of the media here in Iceland. They make particular mention of the fact that Davíð Oddsson was recently hired as editor-in-chief of Iceland’s oldest and most established newspaper, Morgunblaðið. […] Read more

Last week, the journalists’ unions in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland issued a formal statement expressing deep concern about the state of the media here in Iceland. The statement outlines their view that freedom of the press and freedom of speech have recently been under attack in Iceland. This based on the fact that a […] Read more

Announcing our New IWR 2010 Calendars!

So, it’s almost the end of the year, and some of you will no doubt need help remembering dates and things in the year to come – and seeing how some of you were urging me to do this, oh, about a year ago … I am now delighted to announce the appearance of the […] Read more

I have a new post up on the THINK platform, about what climate change means to Iceland’s future: So far in these posts I have mostly been focusing on specific aspects of climate change in Iceland, like the economic, social and political implications – and potential – of our green energy. But what about the […] Read more