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January 2010

Ex-Kaupthing bosses want their money

So the deadline to submit claims in the Kaupthing bank insolvency has just passed, and of course the goons executives who drove the bank into the ground are among those with hefty claims in the estate. Sigurður Einarsson, one of the bank’s two CEOs [who incidentally was bestowed with the Order of the Falcon by […] Full article

Lest we forget

Quote of the day – no points for guessing who it’s about: The main instigator [for abolishing the National Economic Institute* and Competition and Trade Authority] was the Prime Minister from 1991 to 2004, who later appointed himself Central Bank Director. He was discharged after the collapse. A short while later he became the editor […] Full article

Finally, some indictments! Yay …

So – the first anniversary of the Kitchenware Revolution yesterday was celebrated with a few indictments. More specifically, nine protesters were indicted for an árás gegn Alþingi — literally, an attack on Althingi, Iceland’s “high” parliament. They forced their way onto the observation level in parliament, made noise, and resisted arrest, among other things by […] Full article

Kitchenware Revolution, one year on

I’m going to write a bit more soon about the film I saw this evening, but before that I’d like to take a moment to remember the start of the Kitchenware Revolution, one full year ago today. [~a moment~] On January 20th last year, the Icelandic coalition government of the Independence Party and the Social […] Full article

God Bless Iceland, or not

The documentary God Bless Iceland was shown on TV here a couple of weeks ago. A lot of buzz accompanied the film during production and also immediately after it was released, part of which came from the fact that ARTE – that bastion of quality television programming – was involved. To my mind – and […] Full article

Helvítis fokking Icesave

OK – here I was going to sit down and write a highly intelligent treatise on Icesave – give you a summary plus commentary of an excellent article on pressan.is that raises the question we’re all dying to know the answer to: Where did the Icesave money go? And then … my mind just … […] Full article

Date set for Icesave referendum

So, the government has just announced that the referendum on Icesave will be held on 6 March this year. This will be the first-ever referendum in the history of the Republic of Iceland [despite the President’s lofty declarations on the Beeb about referendums being a regular part of Iceland’s democratic process]. Meanwhile, the Dutch Finance […] Full article

Disgraced moguls and frantic damage control

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about how a certain video showing footage from the so-called “Baugur Day” – a mutha of a staff party held by one of Iceland’s disgraced companies – disappeared after it began creating a buzz on blogs and websites here in Iceland. Now a similar situation has […] Full article

What happens if Icesave is rejected?

So there has been nothing new in the story of Icesave – that awful monster holding this nation hostage – over the last few days. The media has been speculating that British and Dutch authorities will announce early this week whether or not they are prepared to return to the negotiating table, but so far […] Full article

The Icelandic Press Photography Prize

A reader sent me a link to an interesting article written by a [non-Icelandic] panel member for the 2009 Icelandic press photography prize [thanks Bill!]. Make sure they pay upfront… no-one could resist a wisecrack when I was invited to lead the jury for Icelandic Press Photography Prize 2009. Arguably, there’s never been a more […] Full article