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March 2010

Modern gadgetry

I’ve decided that the bane of modern travel is all the gadgets and associated paraphernalia that you have to take with you. Makes you tired just thinking about it. Laptop – chk Laptop charger – chk Camera – chk Zoom lens – chk Camera battery charger – chk Camera cord for affixing to laptop – […] Read more

Is it true? Finally laws to freeze assets?

Well if a report on RÚV is to be believed, legislation that will allow authorities to freeze assets in specific cases is being finalized in a parliamentary committee today and will be submitted to Althingi as soon as possible. Apparently this is being done NOW in response to the tax investigation I blogged about in […] Read more

Black economy existed within the banks

The government called a press conference yesterday to announce that an investigation has been launched into large-scale tax evasion by the [old] Icelandic banks, which apparently had their own “black economy”. Over 1,000 cases are being investigated as it is suspected that hundreds of billions of ISK were funneled past tax authorities. The alleged tax […] Read more

Well, clearly the Ministry of Finance was sufficiently shaken up by the visit of Mr Jurschevski to send out a press release with details of the debts of the Treasury. I don’t expect this will be of great interest to many of my readers, but no doubt it will be to some of you, so […] Read more

You told us so!

So RÚV ran a report this evening on the life and times of Alex Jurshevski, whom I blogged about two days ago. They’d managed to dig up an interview with him in MacLeans magazine from three years ago, where he gleefully stated that he hoped there would be an economic recession so that he could […] Read more

In the company of giants

Later this week, I’m heading over to Stockholm to be a guest at the annual conference of the Association of Swedish Investigative Journalists, called Gräv. It is similar to the Norwegian conference SKUP where I was a guest last year. I’m delighted and flattered, of course, and also very much looking forward to meeting the […] Read more

Leakedy leak

So WikiLeaks today publishes Kaupthing’s claim book in its entirety, all 28,167 claims and 520 pages of it. To quote WikiLeaks: This document contains a list of 28167 claims, totally 40 billion euro, lodged against the failed Icelandic bank Kaupthing Bank hf. The document is important because it reveals billions in cash, bonds and other […] Read more

Well, it’s Sunday, and Sunday means Silfur Egils.* There were four guests today, all with fascinating things to say [as usual]. I won’t get into specifics of the first three, but rather talk briefly about the fourth, Alex Jurshevski, a specialist in debt management who apparently is here to speak to the Icelandic government about […] Read more

Brief addendum to my last post about the illegal car loans tied to foreign currencies. It turns out that it is not just the Icelandic banks who are behind the finance institutions issuing car loans in foreign currencies. Deutsche Bank, for instance, is the largest creditor behind Lýsing, one of the main auto financing companies […] Read more

About a month ago, I mentioned that a ruling had been passed in a district court declaring that all Icelandic car loans tied to foreign currencies were [are] illegal. As many readers will know, these loans are among the most serious consequences of the kreppa for normal citizens in Iceland. Car dealerships pushed them incessantly […] Read more