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May 2010

So I finally managed to find time to upload some of the photographs we took from our excursion into the ash cloud last weekend. We set off around 6 pm and drove to Selfoss, where we grabbed some dinner. We set off again around 8 pm and drove east, towards Skógar. It was a gorgeous […] Full article

Send in the clowns

OK, here’s the thing. We have municipal elections coming up at the end of this month and it’s just the most gag-worthy sideshow ever. The traditional parties are just re-hashing tired old election slogans and are bringing absolutely NOTHING new to the table. Everyone is in a state of complete apathy, it seems, especially the […] Full article

So, Fred posted a question in the Forums concerning loans to Kaupthing staff and personal liabilities, which have now been rescinded. [Sometimes you readers are way ahead of me!] Anyway, yes, that was one of the main news items yesterday, and one I was planning to write about. Those of you who have been following […] Full article

Some readers may remember a series of posts last year about the proposed — and later finalized — sale of the energy company HS Orka to a Canadian outfit named Magma Energy. This story is one of most blatantly corrupt tales to come out of this country in the last few years, and that, as […] Full article

EPI and I headed out to take a look at the eruption last night. We left town around six, because a] AAH wanted to throw a belated birthday party and we needed to get the hell out of dodge, and b] because we hoped we might be able to see the eruption better if we […] Full article

As I mentioned in the last post, another dude who’s feeling the heat right now is old Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson, former owner of Glitnir bank, as is his wife and a handful of cronies. The Glitnir winding-up committee yesterday initiated court proceedings against them, as well as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, in New York. Yesterday it seemed that […] Full article

Now, about those arrests

First of all, I want to say thank you for all the kind words of support in the comments to the last few posts, and to those of you who emailed me. They really mean a lot, and you are right: letting the bastards win is not an option. Indeed, that seems to be the […] Full article

On letting the bastards win

Today a very interesting fact was brought to my attention. One reason it may have been so difficult to obtain support for this website within Iceland is that I pissed off the wrong people. As soon as I was presented with the evidence, a whole bunch of other seemingly innocuous things started to appear suspicious. […] Full article

What people are saying about our eBook!

I just wanted to remind everyone that this is the last chance to buy Living Inside the Meltdown at the lower price of USD 19.99 — tomorrow we’ll be hiking the price up to USD 24.99. I’d also like to remind people that there is a forum available for discussing the various aspects and issues […] Full article

Like many others, I was somewhat taken aback by the opinions expressed in the comments to the last post. Have been wondering whether or not to address the issue, and if so, how. First of all, I am delighted with the feedback on the book, by those of you who have bought and read it. […] Full article