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June 2010

It’s Sautjándi júní!

… a.k.a. the 17th of June, Iceland’s National Day. The day we like to party. [Or, well, one of many.] This day usually starts with a rather solemn event down on Austurvöllur square [site of all the protests, natch] where there are speeches and suchlike and the president [NOT the most popular person in Iceland […] Read more

Foreign currency loans deemed illegal

The Icelandic supreme court ruled this afternoon that Icelandic loans indexed to a foreign currency are illegal. This is hugely significant for thousands of people in this country. As many of you will know, the foreign currency loans were one of the most serious consequences of the economic collapse for normal people in Iceland. Thousands […] Read more

Remember the Iceland Modern Media Initiative — the proposed new laws to make Iceland into a haven for journalists and investigative journalism, that I wrote about back in February? It was passed by the Icelandic parliament last night. You know, I’m kind of amazed. I thought there would be a lot more wrangling and haggling […] Read more

The clown takes possession of City Hall

So, old Jón Gnarr* of the Best Party took over as Mayor of Reykjavík today. On that occasion, he gave a short speech. Excerpt: When I was young I wanted most of all to be a circus clown when I grew up. I looked particularly to the Billy Smart Circus in that respect, since it […] Read more

Hot show tip!

OK, for any of you who will be in Iceland in June and want to see something other than Iceland’s boring natural landscapes [YAWN], here’s a tip. Vesturport, without a doubt the best-known Icelandic theatre company outside of Iceland, has returned to Iceland with its acrobatic [yes!] version of Romeo and Juliet for a few […] Read more

So an MP for the Independence Party, Unnur Brá Konráðsdóttir, along with several other MPs, is currently preparing a parliamentary resolution that would have Iceland rescind its application to the European Union. Meanwhile, Bloomberg has a draft declaration from the upcoming meeting which states that Iceland’s accession application will be approved at a meeting of […] Read more

We haz new sponsors!

Everyone: I’m delighted to introduce our new sponsors – Reykjavík Excursions, whose banner now appears in the right sidebar. That said, an introduction is probably not necessary, since most of you who have been to Iceland will know them already — they are the largest tour operator in Iceland and also operate the FlyBus, the […] Read more

For those of us who care about our country and its future, by far the most pressing current issue is the implementation of the Water Act from 2006, due to take effect on 1 July — in just over two weeks. The Act, the implementation of which has been postponed twice, would allow the owners […] Read more

The warm embrace of the Chinese

Imagine our surprise this week up here in lil’ old Iceland when — without prior warning — we were suddenly confronted with a rather large convoy of imposing black vehicles , driving through our streets and stopping traffic, replete with police vehicles and flashing blue lights. It was like the president of the freaking United […] Read more

Best of Reykjavík: cheap eats

OK, it’s time for our second Best of Reykjavík post! This time: where is your favourite place to grab a cheap, quick and nutritious bite to eat? I’m thinking something like, for less than ISK 2,000 [USD 15 / EUR 13]. There are loads of good places, but these days when EPI and I can’t […] Read more