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September 2010

YT: So they’re having a fake orgasm competition as part of the Reykjavík Film Festival. EPI: A what? YT: A fake orgasm competition. Where people get up on stage and fake orgasms. The best fake orgasm wins. EPI: Where? YT: Næsti bar. Wanna go? EPI: Sure. YT: I bet it’ll be packed. EPI: Probably. I […] Full article

In which the Best mayor kicks butt

So there was a wee little item in Fréttablaðið yesterday that Jón Gnarr, our esteemed mayor, would be meeting a delegation from China, led by the former mayor of Bejing, later in the day. The delegation was here to discuss geothermal energy and nature conservation, and had been formally invited by the City of Reykjavík. […] Full article

I think I’ll just Haarde tonight. You?

Super extra-long Kastljós this evening to go over all the issues covered in the parliamentary report released this past weekend. Because along with recommending that the four MPs should be indicted, the committee made all sorts of extra recommendations on how we should overhaul just about every facet of public administration in Iceland. Because the […] Full article

Some pretty big news yesterday. A parliamentary committee, appointed to recommend whether or not any public officials should be indicted as a result of their involvement in the economic collapse in 2008, delivered its findings yesterday afternoon. There had been a fair bit of tension beforehand, particularly as it was known that the committee — […] Full article

A short post about gratitude

It’s been quite a week for us here at the Weather Report. AAH had to go into the hospital on two occasions. The first time we were sent up to the ER in the middle of the night. She was admitted instantly and various tests were run — the diagnosis came back that she had […] Full article

Someone’s at home eating warmed-up soup

So it seems the leader of a certain political party in the Faroe Islands has his knickers all in a twist because our PM Jóhanna is visiting his country with her spouse. And [GASP!] Jóhanna is gay. The dude, Jenis av Rana, who leads Miðflokkurinn, apparently a right-of-centre party, has loudly declared that he will […] Full article

No room for Steven Hawking

This just in from the Baggalútur news service: Apparently a wheelchair ramp in a wing intended for ridiculously intelligent physicists in Heaven was not constructed due to an unfortunate bout of forgetfulness. Consequently the physicist and ueber-cutiepie Stephen Hawking has no access to the next level of existence. According to a spokesman for God Almighty, […] Full article

On mafia involvement in the energy sector

Sigrún Davíðsdóttir, one of Iceland’s best investigative reporters [she blogs in English here] recently broadcast a fascinating report on increased mafia investments in the energy sector, on current affairs radio programme Spegillinn, which airs on RÚV, weekdays at 18.30. Sigrún bases her information on a report by Europol on the mafia’s involvement in the energy […] Full article

On The Future of Hope

Last night, EPI and I headed off to Háskólabíó cinema to catch the premiere of the film The Future of Hope. Remember The Future of Hope? I blogged about it around the time that they were trying to get it financed on Kickstarter — which incidentally is an awesome tool for artists, creative types and […] Full article